The Cabbage Patch 10 - Twickenham

Is anyone doing this one?


  • Planning to do this race, I've never run it before but I hear it's quite flat - for that I read quite easy (as far as 10 milers go)?
  • No I haven't done this one either but they do say it's flat.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Did this last year and it was as easy as 10 milers can be - the hardest part was getting to Twickenham in time for a 10am start. I know that it's a club run for the Serpentines so entries might fill up quickly. I also seem to remember everyone changing in the upstairs of a pub afterwards so don't expect too much grandeur. Hope to run it myself again this year.
  • John are you a Serpie? I've just joined them myself.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Have been a Serpie for about 18 months. Good club, though I'm not a very active member.
  • It's also a club run for 26.2RRC so I'll be there trying to scrape up a point or two. Agree that rumour has it that the route is flat.
  • It's also the 10 mile club championship race for Dulwich Runners. It does get full quite quickly as a lot of clubs do it and it's a generally popular race. One particularly good point to note is the now-legendary t-shorts - long sleeved so good for winter! Pub does good food for after as well. Winners got an actual cabbage last year, not sure if this is every year...!?
  • I'll be doing this one, especially as it is a local race for me for a change and therefore I can get there by 10am!!

    The Cabbage Patch pub does a fantastic Sunday Roast, so that's one more reason for doing it!!!
  • provided I survive Windsor this will be my last race of the year - I hear it's a nice one to run.
  • Hi everyone. I have done this race four times as its local to me. It is as flat as the rumours suggest, just one gentle incline on the approach to Richmond bridge aproximately three quarters of the way round. There is a large field and the now famous long sleeved t-shirt at the end. To avoid the queues that have been mentioned, Twickenham train station is very close by for those who wish to catch the train. Have a good run if you are going.
  • Cabbage Patch is a very well organised and marshalled event organised by The Stragglers and you can leave your kit in a room upstairs above the pub whilst you run.

    If you are fortunate to win any of the prizes you get a cabbage thrown in additionally.

  • David, I used to go to school with a guy of that name. Did you ever live near Watford?
  • I live in Croxley Green, and a "Serpie"
  • D'you what, I now can't remember if it was John Lipscomb or David. Sooooo long ago.
    St Michaels school 1973/4 ? I was only there for a year before transfering to Ricky school.
    Anyway, I too grew up in Ricky/Croxley & now run with Chiltern & live in Chorleywood.
    The more I think about it, I think it was John, he lived in the Harvey rd area and I think the Lipscomb had an e on the end.

    All the best,
  • I'm doing the cabbage patch for the first time this year. Any hints on the best way to get there?
    Is there sensible parking close to the start?
    Traffic queues?
    Or is it best to go by train ?

    Any input appreciated.
  • Hi Gordon, the train station is very close - 100 yards - so is an easy option.

    I will probably drive down and park nearby as Twickenham is usually quiet on a Sunday and so there should be plenty of parking nearby.
  • Where are you coming from Gordon?
  • Thanks Jonathan. I was hoping to drive which sounds OK if there is plenty of parking.

    Nick - I'm coming up from Sussex (Horsham)
    Any advice ?
  • Take M23 to M25, go clockwise to I think Jct 11 M3, take M3 to Sunbury, Central London, The M3 runs out at Sunbury and becomes the A316, after becoming A316 you turn right at the 2nd roundabout, which is right by twickenham rugby ground, up to the next mini-roundabout turn right over bridge & cabbage patch pub is on right at bottom.

    Alternatively take train to waterloo & you can get to twickenham on train from there, have a good one
  • Thanks. Have a good run !!

  • If you fancy a lazy afternoon after the race there are a number of great local pubs (some are very picturesque next to the river) around Twickenham, St Margarets (5 mins), Richmond (10 mins), Old Isleworth (10 mins)- which all do good & hearty Sunday lunches. Let me know if you'd like any recommendations!
  • Just sent off my form.
    See you all there!
  • Sent my application off yesterday - I need a long sleeve t-shirt!
  • Sent my application off...fingers crossed!
  • Yep , also running , part of the tapering for NY
  • Boing
  • Boing, Boing.
  • I got my number on Friday, but I've forgotten what it is already.
  • Numbers out already? Haven't got mine. But then they haven't even cashed the cheque yet.

    Have we got a list of names and targets yet? If people post I'll compile it.

    Having done 1:08:21 for a hilly 10 miler at the weekend, and on the assumption this one is flat (I heard towpaths?), going for 1:06. We shall see.

  • Oh cheers Venom. I will aim for 1:25:00 (the GSR was 1:25:26 which was flat) if this is flat. I wonder if towpaths will slow us down, maybe uneven tree-stumpy dangers lurking.
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