Achey foot ?

I did a half marathon a couple of weeks ago and after the arch of my left foot, on top and underneath was aching.

After a few days it went away. Now everytime I've run since it comes back. The ache underneath the arch normally goes away soon after but on top of my foot aches a bit longer. I can also sometimes feel it when I run.

Has anyone experienced similar or does anyone have any ideas ?

Thanks image


  • There could be a number of things going on here. My first thought is a possible beginning of a stress fracture. Go back and review your mileage and see if possible overtraining could have occurred. Make sure your footwear has not broken down. If you are experiencing arch tightness-place a tennis ball or golf ball under your arch and roll your arch back and forth over it. Place more weight on areas that are a little tender. this will loosen up the arch and feel great afterwards. You could find more techniques a . Hope some of that helps.
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