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Just getting into this ultra stuff having recently rediscovered the joy of running long. In April I hadn't run for more than 45 min since 1998 when I retired from triathlon and the wacky world of Ironman but am now up to 2:45 in preparation for my first ultra in August - UltraRace peaks 40m.  Had forgotten how good it is to just get up and run for hours image.  Just wish there was more off road and it was less flat around Lincoln image

 Looking at  future races and would love to know everyone's favourite events and why

Thanks, Rich


  • Any favourites out there.....must do races?
  • Obviously there are too many awesome events to list, but it has to be noticed that certain events get a hold over people. 

    Practically everybody off this site who flew out to run Comrades this year has vowed to come back next year.  Given the expense of flying out there, that is very impressive. 

    While I have never done it, I notice that the Grand Union Canal Race takes possession of many ultra runners. 

    Other examples could be brought forward. 

    You have a date with the UR Peaks in August, which means that you might be game for another ultra this autumn.  The Nottingham ultra is a nice little even which I plan to re run this October.  The route passes through Sherwood forest, through the grounds of Wollaton Park, and finishes up under Nottingham Castle.  If you are game for a 50 miler in early 2012, then you might find the Thames Trot an interesting event. 

    I am sure that other people will chime in with suggestions.

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