RW UK v RW whatever

...another challenge month?

I was thinking about August - the idea was bandied about at the end of the last challenge. I had a fabulous month's running in January; first shame and then enjoyment and then burning ambition got me out the door  more than I would ever have thought possible.

Of course, I've done bugger all since then...image

But there are some extremely interesting autumn races I would like to do if I can just get my finger out and get some good kms in.

Would anyone else be up for it?


  • I like the idea but I can't say August would work for me. It might be an incentive to run while on holiday but realistically I wouldn't do as much as at home, and probably couldn't be faffed with entering my miles every day.  I'm guessing it might be a similar problem for quite a few others?
  • August doesn't seem to have a busting amount of races so people's training might be lower, plus holidays to factor in.

    But I would consider joining on on another month.

  • I can see myself challenging myself to set up the excel sheet...
  • January was my highest mileage of the year!

    I'd be up for August provided I can post miles after returning from holiday ( I always run on holiday anyway, its just a case of recording accurately)

    Got an autumn half and a busy XC season lined up so I should be working on a few miles (not as many as you, though).

  • Definitely, July is a low mileage month and I have a marathon mid August and am trying to find another one.
  • Well August is a quiet month race-wise. Though maybe a problem because August is the
    holiday month with the schools off. Could have a RW v Fetch or a north v south contest.
  • I'd be up for anything (running-wise image)- north v south, short-arses v normal-size, hairy legs v brazilian etc etc.

    I'm going to be 40 on the 28th of August image and I think it would be nice to celebrate with a high-mileage month!

  • I'd be up for it too in August. I'm training for an Autumn marathon so should have a decent weekly mileage by then.
  • I love challenges but run to low mileage image
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