Barbados Marathon 2003

Hi Folks.

I've just entered this years Barbados Marathon being held in December and would be interested in hearing from anyone who has either also entered it or has run it before.

For those that are interested, it looks like an excellent event, with lots going on and a very scenic route. The run starts at 5am to avoid the obvious heat and I think this year is quite special as its the 21st year.



  • Topps,

    Like you say this is an excellent event. I was there in 97

    I raced the 10K on the Saturday evening & run the marathon the following morning.

    Fantastic place & the locals are so friendly, your bound to have a great time.
  • Tim,

    A 10k the night before a marathon is very impressive! Not sure I'll ever be that fit.

    How many people were running in 97? and is the course reasonably quick?

    I'm taking the family (wife and four year old daughter over) and would also be interested in hearing what you thought of the resort?

    Cheers for the reply.
  • I can't remember numbers, but a couple of hundred at most. I liked the way the race started in the dark & gradually it became light.

    Barbados is a fabulous place, because it's quite a small island it very easy to get around. The mini-buses are very safe to use, & come along regularly. There's a nice wildlife park in the north [I think]of the island.
    The supermarkets are good with lots of nice food.
    The sea in the caribbean is very salty so not very good for swimming. It also gets very hot.

  • Hi Tim,

    Wow! I thought there would be a few thousand at least. It has been pretty well advertised this year, so I thought it might be quite big.

    Is it safe running (i.e. the runners must be spread out pretty thin in the dark) and are there water stations and medical staff on site?

    Will my wife be able to get to a few places to see me or is this impossible?

    I'm really looking forward to it, although I know its going to be tough. Out of interest, can you remember what time you did?

    Cheers for the posts.
  • Barbados is a very save place in my wiew, both in the race & on the island in general.
    It's not long before it comes daylight.

    The water station's were fine, even giving out blocks of ice to runners.

    In the 10K I ran about 36-37min never had any results & forgot to time myself. In the marathon I ran with a girlfriend & we finished togeter in about 3:26.
    We were given a special running vest [not very good quality but still a good souviner] & a nice medal. The post race party is good as well.

    You will enjoy it I sure.

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    Tim. It's been years since you posted but I've entered the 2020 Barbados marathon so am looking for training tips for running in the hot weather. I've done a couple of warm weather marathons but just wondered if on reflection you'd have trained any differently to specificically adapt to heat/humidity? Did you change your pacing for the heat or carry on regardless?
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