Coaching Help!!! 10k - 42mins - Can i do it?

Hi, hope someone can help.

I have been a daily runner for the last 3 years. My current best 10k time is 47 (in a race).

I set myself a goal of achieving a 10k in 42 mins. For the last 4 weeks i have been running through the following programme....which has bought improvements and conisistency to my deliverable times....

However I am not sure whether it is even possible, judging my background of sporting ability prior to running (none!).

Would anyone know if I am heading in correct direction? I have been following the plan (42min, 10k.)

if anyone wants - i can upload my notes and training results (excel file).


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    Hello you might want to re formmat your post  and perhaps with some paragraphs - will mmake it easy to read i couldn't.


    welcome to the forum

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    Thats better

    I can see what  you did. Alas a copy and paste doesn't usually formmat well on the forum

    I have more questions

    When was the 47 minutes time you got? Recently

    What is your training like currently ?  I see you are following the plan now where are you in the plan how do you feel are the quality runs hard or are you coping. And how does the mileage and level of quality runs compare to what you have done before

    Have you any other pbs from other distances

    42 minutes seemms a strange number any reason for this target - 5 minutes seems a lot to take off. However don't feel it can't be done  just maybe over a long timme target perhaps 45 minutes could be a good target first

    Other things come into it as well without being too nosy  but could help others with their advice Age, gender, weight

    Sorry so many questions but the answers will probably help more

  • Thanks for the response.

    I got the 47, doing the staines 10k race. I trained all week (not to any plan as currently), and rested for 2 days before the race, and thats pretty much the best time i have had. My local training run on a saturday which is 10k, I normally do a 56mins (not sure why the massive differance, but put it down to hills). 

    Previously to the plan, I would just go for a run, rather than train for an event. Thinking about it now, it was a little random, in terms of running quickly or badly, I would just turn up and run the same route.

    using the training plan, i seem to be more consistent. I deliever similar training times for each similar day comparing by each.

    Do you know how i can attach my running plan? its an excel file which carries the details of the training i have done in accordance with the plan.

    These are my creds:

    Male, 34.
    70 kg, Medium Build. With Muscles (like the gym!)  

    hope this helps!

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    Not sure about inking your excel chart i think but not sure you can only link something if its on another website as you need a url

    Its good to have muscles but may slow you down a bit depending on the size of them

    You will most likely race quicker in races than training thats how it works thats why you do race specific training what with the taper your body will be rested and ready to race. Plus added the race day magic

    Most important majority of your training is to be done at an easy pace so your ready for the harder workouts

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