Devils Chimney Chase

Come on peeps! A lovely run up and down Leckhampton Hill!

Lots to keep the family entertained while you race too! 

Plus I will be there...!


.but dont let that put you off! image


  • Sorry Nick but it's outside my 30 mile zone. Funny that when you actually post about a race you get no replies. The Race does sound good though. I like the under 10's race. My 4 year old is running her first race this sunday.
  • Shame - but what is your point about 'actually posting about a race'?
  • Just that I posted about my race a few days ago and go no response either. Thought I would make sure you got at least one image

  • Ah cheers - i guess smaller races have less chance of attracting people on here, as not all runners use this site. I have always tried to generate interest with our race via this site...boing-ing the thread, and would like to think it works....a bit
  • Why does this race have such an enticing name? It makes want to do it just so I can say "I ran 'The Devils Chimney'."


    See - we havent just made it up! image

    It has an exciting name because there is a rock feature called the Devil's Chimney on the side of the hill that you run up......

  • Ran the course this morning - and am now looking forward to the race

     Its nice to get off the roads and enjoy the terrain, wild life (rabits,cows and snails) and beautiful views of Cheltenham.

     I was surprised how gentle the ascent was.

     Well certainly when compared to the way down -  I guess its all relative! image

  • SnaIls... - ...wild... - ...ok... image
  • There are some beautiful places to run round here!!! Not sure if i will be doing this Nick, my lsr is scheduled to be 13 miles the nest day... i might run this and then run home.... not decided yet.
  • are you going to lay an egg on your nest day?
  • Kity Ragbrutty wrote (see)
    SnaIls... - ...wild... - ...ok... image

    Yep - Leckhampton hill has quite a population of roman snails - you dont see them on neighbouring Cleeve Hill. I believe you are supposed to have a license to handle them (or so they said on Springwatch a couple of weeks back).

    Roger - yes the up is quite long, but the two main descents quite a bit steeper. Hoepfully we get yesterdays weather come race day - I was out with a couple of friends following a bit of the Cotswold Way and it was glorious at 8am.

    Oii - you could do the race and just a 5 or 6 miler the next (or nest...) day? OR you could do the race then run home?

  • Tempted to do this one, ran up Winchcombe hill to Belas Knap on Saturday so should be able to cope with this?
  • The race was reviewed last year in Runners World. You can read what they thought about it here
  • A beautiful run and a great way to spend a summers evening and guilt free pints of lager afterwards!

  • Boooooing!
  • booooinnnnnnggggggg!

    Still time to enter!!! 

  • Im coming i hope there are spaces left to enter on the night!

    I did this in 2009- coming down was awesome- a bit out of control!

  • Yep places left sara! That long descent straight used to be a railway line - linky for all the history buffs!
  • Great race- really enjoyed it. Big thank you to the organisers, lots of marshalls on the course.

    I thought the route would have bigger hills in it, I kept turning the corner expecting a massive hill but it was quite gradual. Not a complaint though, I thoroughly enjoyed the race, great support on the finishing field : )

  • Results 2011.pdf


    glad you enjoyed it. THings went well on the whole....The one kids race was directed the wrong way so they ended up doing about 1/4 mile more...but they would have enjoyed it...and slept well that night!

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