Manchester Marathon

This will be my 1st ever marathon after doing a few halfs.... home town, rude not too..... anyone elseimage


  • never heard of it but i will look into it!
  • Hmm, would I be right in thinking this aint Manchester, North West of England??? Damn I was getting excited.
  • Manchester, NW England:

    I'll do it if I don't get in to London.

  • Manchester in April - nice!
  • runlozrunrunlozrun ✭✭✭
    Popular date, clashes with the new MK marathon.
  • MC Dave wrote (see)
    Manchester in April - nice!

    I'll have you know Manchester was beautiful in April this year image.......its the only bloomin' Summer we've had so far tho! image

    I'm up for this too, but will be waiting til I've found out about London first til I enter.

  • Flipping heck, there's a marathon in Manchester, in April!!!! I only found the us one when I did a quick search.

    As it's the first in a decade it could be special. Thanks for flagging it up.
  • I ran the last Manchester marathon in 2001 I think it was the same course they used for the Comonwealth games. It was my first marathon and I could hardly walk for a week. Memories!!!
  • also thinking of doing it as its my hometown. as with few other people waiting see get in london first. just apppeals to me more.

  • well I have entered... now just need the ability to do it! Here's to training once I shake this cold off...
  • Looks like a flat course too!   image
  • Mandie_R: I would enter Manchester now - the odds are you won't get into London, and even if you do, you can defer. 

    I'm going to give it a miss this year - only because I have a place in Brighton, and already booked a hotel room for me and the family. But I've volunteered to help, and hope it runs again in 2013.

    For those who don't know the area, it runs ou through the suburbs, and through the edge of leafy Cheshire.

  • We're in.  Forget London - overcrowded and a royal pain to get to and from.

    Manchester much more appealing - lie in, in my own bed, with a proper breakfast and a short drive home.

    Agree with DeliH it would be rude not to!

  • Just signed up didn,t want to risk missing my new local marathon.

    Just need to shake of a back injury thats crocked me for a couple of months and i'll be back to my laps round Chorlton water park.

     Might need 2 find a few new routes though don't fancy 26 laps round the lake nice as it is.

  • image I'm in. This looks like it could be fun.
  • I'm in too. Paid my money, assuming I'll not get London, again
  • Soooo tempted. Starts about 15min walk from my house so ideal location. What a great place for my first mara!
  • Cake

    How are you?

    I may yet decided to do this remarkable event to celebrate my 40th birthday year and 2012 Olympics year?

  • Signed up, time to up the training. If I get in London I'll defer for a year. Can't miss first Manchester mara in ten years!!
    Can't wait
  • Has anyone got any good ideas for a warm-up half-marathon in Feb / March? I think there is one in Blackpool around then, but I don't know much about it.
  • Wilmslow half is at the end of March, flat and fast, should be a nice training run (eek) but fills up quickly, usually entries are open in November so keep your eyes peeled! Wilmslow running club site (image)
  • Good shout - meant to be a good one. Might be especially busy. (Just realised that although up here in teh North West, I am doing the Brighton marathon, which is only three weeks after Wilmslow: might be a bit late).
  • There is the 4 village half in January (helsby) that's supposed to be a good one, just a little early for your training....
  • Wilmslow sounds ideal, tried to get in last year but i was to late.

     I bet it will be even more popular this time because alot of manchester marathon runners will be wanting in.

  • Liverpool Half is usually the same day as Wilmslow, as an alternative image
  • I did Liverpool half a couple of years ago. It was a good race, a big- ish event, but not too big, mmmm may go for that one as my warm up race image
  • I've entered, I'm another one waiting to see what the London ballot throws up though!

    I got a ballot place in London last year so I was working on the basis that the chances of getting in 2 years in a row are pretty slim - so had been looking at Paris as an alternative. I had pretty much made up my mind that  that'd be the one until I saw something about the new Manchester one.

    I think it'll be completely different to what I'd originally planned - ok it's still a city, but with a field of a few thousand rather than 10's of thousands I think it will be a different experience alltogether.

    There's plusses and minuses to that - but there was something about Manchester that just seemed to grab me.

    Still early days, but if anyone has recommendations of accommodation (within simple and fairly quick travelling proximity to the start!) I'd welcome suggestions!

  • I've done liverpool last two years and it's hilly for some but a good race. The organiser comes on the threads a bit and ask's for our views on things so always a plesure. Wilmslow good two but probably liverpool again next year just because it's easier to catch up with pirate/fetch/general running mates.
  • Just writing any old rubbish to push the thread up to the top for a chap called steve.
  • Random! Who's Steve..........?????
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