Anyone running with leg length descrepancy of 10mm or more?

I've got a left shin bone ~5-7 mm shorter than the right one, also I had too severe sprains on the left ankle and it looks like my left feet is also a bit lower/flatter by 2-3mm. That makes my left leg a weak spot.

I want to discuss how shin bone length discrepancy might affect my left leg. My guess is that the knee and quad are loaded more because the hip has to compensate lacking millimetres below the knee and even if I lift the knee to the same height as the right one, the path of the knee from the highest point until the foot hits the ground is longer and the impact force from landing on the left side should be higher. In the end the left knee and quadriceps get overloaded. That's what I actually get. I had ITBS on the left side, then I corrected my gait and now it's gone but I've got a incessantly tight quad and knee. Regular stretching helps only for 5-10 minutes.

I tried to put an additional midsole into a shoe but I didn't like it, anyway I can't put more than a 1mm thick midsole there and I need to compensate ~10 millimetres. On a bike I just lower my seat until my left leg gets comfortable and that's it.

ps sorry for misspelling the word, one of the rare cases when I can't remember the spelling image


  • Morning

     Don't believe the hype that's put behind LLDs - unless you are a semi elite or above athlete or you spend the vast majority of your day on your feet.

     True LLDs need to be measured via xray, not eyeball and tape measure. Most people reading this will have a LLD and have cleverly accommodated via feet, ankles, knees hip and spine. You can have symptoms (and you do!) and a LLD BUT the connection between the 2 is dodgy at best. Usual rules applies - glut control, spinal position and lower limb activation are all on the menu.

    Dealing/changing/playing with LLD is the devils work image - and there are lots out there who do it! However, it's used as a great excuse not to get back to full fitness.......


  • yeah, right. when I see that all the parts of one knee are significantly lower than the other one I can't think of anything else. Tightness in the left quad is an obstable to running fitness, it doesn't interfere when I'm riding a bike - there are ways to cheat, like lowering the saddle and cleat wedges. I noticed that I'm riding a bit tilted to the left.
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