Kilomathon London

Has anyone recieved an email to say that this event has been cancelled?. I recieved one on 17th June asking me to decide what I wanted to do. If you want a refund you need to enter your bank details on the website which sounds a bit odd to me as I paid by card. Just wondereing if anyone else has had this or knows anything?


  • I got the same email (as did others as mentioned in threads that I can't find quickly on here now!).

     I was just wondering whether or not anyone has actually received their refund yet? I seem to recall seeing somewhere that refunds would be made after 18th July, but so far I haven't had mine.

    I have to say that the website is rather lacking in any information about the cancelled event - it appears that the organisers think their diappointed entrants are best served by a pretence that the event was never conceived of in the first place!!

  • No emails from them.Only on the website.,What there do with our money now image
  • Don't put your card details on the website.You not sure  where the email coming from!
  •  Thought you might like to see the response I got to my email:

    "Many thanks for your email.  The refund process is already underway but having to do hundreds of individual refunds is taking some time for our accounts department. I estimate it will be 2-3 weeks before they are all sent out. Please accept my apology for any inconvenience this delay may cause you.

    Kind Regards


    Kilomathon Events Team"

    Seems fair enough!

  • I'm still yet to receive mine, despite being told i'd get it on the 24th July. It would be nice to get the money back soon, as i'd like to enter a replacement event.

     I'm still annoyed that we were paying for an event that at the time was clealy nowhere near agreed would actually happen, but it's a case of putting it down to experiance!

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