kittenkat, are we losing you...



  • Rowan, I guessed that might be what you do.  Nice to have it clarified though, in case anyone gets the wrong end of the stick.

    I get paid to make drugs.

    Of the pharmaceutical variety.

  • kittenkat wrote (see)
    Oh and here's a thing, I downloaded a fleshlight app on my phone.


    warning NSFW

  • If your phone does that you've watched Videodrome too often
  • image I clicked on that link!

    I think I just figured out what NSFW means....image

  • And back to flashlights: I used my Micra Cyba-lite (pat. pend.) to put my bike in the garage last night. I could have just switched on the light like I normally do, but after reading that thread I've decided using a flashlight is cooler.imageimageimage
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