The bloody brilliant thread

OK so we already  have a great place to sound off about the general  sh*t life throws at us.

Here's somewhere to post your good news: got a promotion or a PB? Off on holiday? Handsome stranger on the train made your commute a bit more bearable? Share it with the Forum - I'll start:

I spent a fascinating day working with medieval human remains then went out for  a lovely dinner with lovely friends and had and an interesting conversaton about and the legal system which was far more stimulating than the one about "Neighbours" that I had to put up with on my last evening out. 

Oh and tomorrow's Saturday image



  • Great idea Screamy.

    I'm sitting here after a really stressful week drinking Aspall's cider with blackberry liqueur and nibbling Waitrose organic Swiss chocolate.  I got a free foot treatment in Lush earlier today and am currently sniffing one of their delicious massage bars. 

    Oh and I'm still excited about the purchase of my first flat which I moved into 2 months ago and the beautiful woods I can see from my lounge window. image 

  • Despite her having chicken pox, Little Miss W was cute, smiley and happy when I got home from work.  She's such a gorgeous little girl.
  • I have a fab new hairdo and am off tomorrow to have fun with some fab forumites and seeing my lovely after him being away since Thursday.
  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭
    i had another little hint i may be in line for the OSM job, wasnt left with hardly any staff today, took miss LLB and chum out for tea, they amused me greatly and bought rather sexy run top and shorts ...good day was had by allimage
  • BB King... woooowwww!
  • After a week when my asthma has been terrible, I managed a 5 miler today. Slow, very slow, but it's miles banked.
  • Aww - I feel all warm and fuzzy now image

    Parklife - save some for me! image

  • My kids had a great sports day today and I had a lovely run afterwards. I'm now waiting for my good friend to arrive for the weekend, I have a beer in hand, life is good.
  • No1 son has just got back from a school trip to Europe and given me a huge squeezy hug image
  • My hubby got the job he wanted, which means free weekends and more running for me.....ah bliss image
  • Mumford & Sons are on BBC3... then will have to catch the last 30 mins of U2 on BBC2 image
  • Today I booked tickets for me and Jr to see the 0:05am premiere showing of the final Harry Potter film in 3D on 15th July image
  • Corinthian wrote (see)
    BB King... woooowwww!


    I like the thread title. Well done Screamy. 

    Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)
    Plagarism? image
    Ditto Schmunks. image Am sure there's been others too.
  • goldbeetlegoldbeetle ✭✭✭
    When I come home in the morning I am greeted by a thumping noise.
    Its the puppy's tail banging against the dog bed.
  • Picked up my new Audi yesterday- I Luuuuuurve German efficiency
  • goldbeetlegoldbeetle ✭✭✭
    Love my A4 I still look at it lovingly out if the kitchen window
  • Yesterday - A GOOD DAY with my mum (our relationship is sometimes more than a bit strained) then I picked Mr LB up and watched Larry Mullen for 90 minutes on the telly whilst a bit tipsy.

    I call that a GREAT day.

    Went to bed without shutting the curtains still half dressedimage

  • And I thought you two were NICE! Audi drivers are the work of the devil! image
  • I wake up everyday grateful to be with someone who I love very much & who loves me back the same amount. I'm also grateful that we have such a lovely roof over our heads & can put food on the table.

    It's the start of the weekend!

    And no matter how shit things are at work, I'm off to Paris in a week for a long awaited break.
    1. Someone has been mucking me around lately, so I told them where to get off.  Didn't want to, but it had to be said. 
    2. Running is back on the cards, short distances only, but I can see a slight improvement and HRs are now back to normal.  Never again, please.  Thank you.

    And if you could just arrange things so that I could get one of the jobs that I'm applying for . . .

    . . . then I could come back and post again.image

    Edited because I typed not instead of now, which changes the meaning somewhatimage

  • goldbeetlegoldbeetle ✭✭✭

    Its great being an Audi driver no one lets you out and your expected to drive like tw*t.

  • goldbeetlegoldbeetle ✭✭✭
    The dog is picking up fallen apples and taking them to the top of path and letting them roll down the slope and then chasing after them
  • That's fab Goodbeetle!!! Clever doggie image

    Opened my payslip today to find not only have I received some tax back, but i've also got a bit of a payrise image
  • I've nearly finished a secret project I've been working on for a month. One more day's work and it'll be done. I'm excited and nervousw in equal parts
  • Most of today I have been under the instruction that I would be staying in hospital overnight, but I'm now home and that means I can enjoy the sun tomorrow in my own back garden and I'm about to order a curry. 


  • Thank you to Empire Cinemas who have refunded and re-booked my Harry Potter tickets without question after I mis-read the seating plan and booked some too near the front.

    Excellent day on The New Mrs B getting down and dirty learning mountain bike skills

  • Great day with the kids (2 girls) practicing their ballet for next week, and horse riding after weeks of me being away.... the crap bit, full of a cold and not able to run... but.. the pay off... too much wine .... yum.. ying and yang and all that (smiley face from a mac image)
  • excuse the spelling.... the wine obv..
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