Saturday 25 June 2011

Mornin all

Where's Birks & LMH this morning - Birks might be running that 6th mile???

I'm going to give the HM a go tomorrow. If pain arrives i'll depart. I feel fit and well prepared other than my moon and bovine problems. So 2 solpadene it'll be and away with me!!! If i fail i fail, but if i dont try i'll never know - the latter is deffo the worst option.

The Rubber invented new ways to inflict pain last night. I didnt let him stick in needles so close to the race so he got his own back by setting up some things that any contortionist worth his salt would have been proud of!! Mind you i feel freed up a bit after.

I'm going to rest today

Wabo - I hope the ankles are ok after fell adventure

Chick good luck what ever you decide.


  • Just sorting some lyrics Paddy!

    If giving the half a try tomorrow isn't going to disrupt any long term plans if it goes wrong then you may as well race.

    I'm trying to decide whether to to play it safe on the turbo or risk a ride on the wet roads with more rain forecast.

    Hope the fell race went well Wabo - they hurt!

    Alex - have you recently moved?

    What:          long bike or turbo/in-laws arrive/short easy run
    Why:            weather
    Last hard:  deciding to take the rest day yesterday
    Last rest:    24/6

    Lyrics - vaguely familiar but not enough for a 'yes'.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • By the way these lyrics were used before - clue - If i'm half the title tomorrow i'll be happy;-0
  • 40 minutes40 minutes ✭✭✭

    Indeed, I thought you were just doing a half?
    Sounds like a good decision, hope it goes well for you.

    What:  Rest
    Why:  Between yesterday's track on tomorrow's long run, also helping with club race today
    Last hard:  1 day
    Last rest:  2 days
    Lyrics:  Yes, for a change

    Rather looking forward to the arrival of some hot weather!

  • Morning all!

    Good luck tomorrow Paddy! Maybe you can go in with no pressure and that will help!

    LMUH - Nope, not since January 2010 when we moved from London to Chepstow! (Back home to Wales!! image) We have a caravan on the Gower in West Wales and come down most weekends. I'm quite lucky that I get to run in several different locations. I'm in the van now with the greyhounds. The girls have gone Horse Riding, in the rain.

    What: 45 mins coastal run (on road)

    Why: Even in this weather it's a beautiful place

    Last hard: Guess!

    Last rest: yesterday

    Lyrics: as usual, no, although they look vaguely familiar for once

    On the subject of lyrics, anybody watch Glastonbury yesterday? My mate had his sleeping bag nicked...hilarious.

    Oh, and Paddy/40 minutes - enjoy your rest! image

  • Morning

    Paddy:Geordie woke me up at 6  image Haven't run yet, however a 5.6 Miler later, perhapsimage

    Yesterdays lyrics were: 'Help me Rhonda ' by The Beach Boys.

    Raining here again, on for most of weekend I think according to forecast.

    Was up, but just couldn;t think of lyrics, sorry peeps.

    All the best to the weekend racers.

  • Lyrics: Think so.
  • I see Paula Radcliffe is running Berlin. I hope she has a flier!! - as you should know i'm a big fan!!
  • Paddy - be careful tomorrrow

    What: Eastleigh ParkRun and a win d&d
    10 mile TT on the bike PM
    Why: Why not :¬) ?
    Last hard: about 9.15 this morning
    Last rest: 28th March
    Lyrics: I guess I didn't know last time either
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Good luck, Paddy!

    Gobi: nice win, mate.

    What: 5k in 21:04 image
    Why: I got the times wrong - the 10k was on for the afternoon when I have to do the charity 4k, so I did the 5k instead and came last
    Last hard: being the fattest, oldest and slowest in a race
    Last rest: 12/6
    Lyrics: I think I should know them but no

    Happy enough with the race. I got progressively faster (4:18, 4:14, 4:15, 4:12 and 4:05 --  thanks to Mr. Chick for taking those splits as I couldn't work it out). It's only 2 secs outside my PB although admittedly a road 5k would have been slower but I felt I could have gone a tad faster which is how it should be in a race. I usually have a bat out of hell start and then crash and burn. It was the athletics summer festival at my old school, open to everyone but it was mostly teenage kids that took part in the 5k plus a few very fast dads. I got lapped a few times image

    Now for a recovery 4k with the mates from work. Enjoy your weekends, all.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭


    Paddy Best of luck if you do the half toorrow hpe all goes well

    Btw have you seen this irish sea starting over in Dublin cycling then a row across the Irish before hiking up Snowdon. Best of luck to them

    Chickadee Wow great time i wouldn't mind coming last with a time like that. Kids eh

    Gobi - wow  sounds interesting best of luck with that Well done on the win

    What: 3.74 miles run walk
    Why: building
    Last Hard: Should be today but Not in ages
    Lyrics no

    My last run walk i shall be joining the dots next week also adding strides before the fun starts the following week.

    Rest  tomorrow but off to holler at  Horndon on the Hill tomorrow for the 10km

  • Pammie ... justs een your profile on fetch. Did you used to live in Linford then?

    I did (and went to St Clere's ...)

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Wow small world not  Linford but nearby. Never went to St Cleres i was a Convent girl though you'd never believe it . Did join the now disfunct club there. Were you ever a member?
  • Alex - I love greyhounds! Have had several, one show bitch that I went to Crufts with but mostly ex-racers, my current girl is mostly a whippet x greyhound (and I have to say - all the better for the little bit of a mix). How many/what colours/ages etc are yours?

    Chickadeee - that sure sounds fast to me.

    Well done on the win Gobi.

    Pammie - you're building back really nicely.

    Well, I couldn't bear to be inside in the end so despite the gloomy forecast and grey skies I decided to set off on my long ride. It was getting greyer and windier as I went on but I was actually quite enjoying myself - but then the heavens opened. I persevered for a while but it just got heavier and the visibility was getting restricted so I gave up and headed for home and the turbo so 1 hour 40 on the bike; 2 hours 20 on the turbo then 30 minutes on the treadie (did this afternoons run as a brick due to the arrival of the in-laws). Glad I managed to get it all in as we're off out to the Indian this evening!

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Evening all.

    Well I've been and registered so only positive thoughts from here!!!

    Its going to be hot too i think!!

    Pammie - Thats some endurance event.

    Gobi - nice effort ( i will be careful mama )

    Chick - read those results upside down - decent time though!! Competition must have been tough.

  • Hi Pammie:

    Never joined Linford joggers, but I think I knew a few people who were in it. Do the surnames Burst or Bayfield ring any bells?

    Are you from Corringham or Stanford?

  • Well done on the win Gobi!

    Chickadee - I agree with everyone else, I'd be happy with that time too.

    Pammie - good progress! Looking forward to how you get on over the next few weeks.

    LMUH - we have 2 greyhounds - Blaise is 5 and a big blue boy. Tigger is 3 and a big brindle boy. Both are ex-racers. Albeit not very good ones! How old is your girl? I've seen some lovely lurchers at the charity events that we go to. I find them all to have wonderful personalities! Great dogs...terrible running buddies though. Tried with Blaise a few times when I started last year and he didn't really like it much.

    Great endurance effort today btw - you've earned that Indian!!

    I did my 45 min run. Did 5 miles in 45:13 @ 9:02 min/m. It was a good effort, just ran on feel and was a good push towards the end. Slower run tomorrow now.

  • 10 mile Time Trial and a new PB in 22.57

    Well done Chicka :¬)

    good lad Paddy
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Hi all,

    what - about 95 secs behind Gobi at Eastleigh this morning + 3m and 4m on the treadmill so 10 for the day.
    Why - coming in 9th and a hard run
    Last hard - see above
    last rest - yesterday

    Lyrics - possibly as seem familur

    Well done on the TT and win Gobi

  • Nothing again for me today (starting to become a habit ... ).

    I'm starting to feel more cheerful and more like the old me since I stopped caring so much. I was even singing and dancing around the kitchenette earlier on.

    State of play is that I have a 5k in 2 weeks that thanks to various problems I do not have the preparation for. In less than 3 months' time I am doing P Company challenge.

    So, my idea is tomorrow that I can put the race in September on hold as far as preparation goes, and just do a wee test to see how possible it might be to do this 5k. People might say I have no chance, but there really is no harm finding out, and it's not really going to affect anything.

    I'm thinking that I will do 400m as quick as I can, walk it off for 10 minutes then try 1 mile as quick as I can.

    You just never know. I actually feel like I have some speed in my legs at the moment. A nice night's sleep and you just never know.

  • Nice effort with the 5k chick. image
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