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Been thinking about joining a virtual running club, as I can't commit to set training nights of a local club.

Looked at a couple on-line and "UKnetrunner" seems to fit the bill.  However, before considering joining, was wondering if anyone else on here is a member (or a member of another virtual club)?

What are the benefits of joining, apart from £2.00 off race entries?

Cheers folks!


  • MrsK8MrsK8 ✭✭✭
    I've recently become a member of Purple Patch. I don't run in the evenings so if I joined a normal running club I wouldn't appear too social!

    It seems that some people don't get the point of an online club when you're paying the money but not getting benefit of weekly training sessions, but if the training sessions don't fit in with your schedule then you're a bit screwed! I still want the £2 discount on races (I'm doing so many at the mo) & also the feeling of belonging.
  • Thanks K8.

    I think you've hit the nail on the head - it's not just the £2 discount, it's a feeling of wanting to belong to something (albeit "virtual").


  • Thanks for posting Start Slow and K8greene. I hadn't thought of that, but maybe it's not a bad idea! Similarly, I find it difficult to fit to regular running times so maybe that would help me.

    Cheers image
  • I was a member of Purple Patch Runners for the last year. They never sent me any newsletters they said they would and the runners seem to be based mainly in Marlow and areas. When I took part in races close to me there weren't any there so I felt a bit odd wearing the vest for the club that was virtual in a way that was virtually unknown and I was always on my own anyway. Wouldn't recommend it, just for a £2 discount and many races I take part in don't distinguish any more before unaffiliated and affiliated anyway.
  • JohnnybikeJohnnybike ✭✭✭

    If you want the £2 discount why not just join a local real club, even if you do not attend the training sessions. You wil meet members at the race and hopefully get newsletters etc and I am sure you will be able to attend occasionally.

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  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    £30 (Purple Patch) and £37 (UKnetrunner) to join a VIRTUAL club? image

    You could join a real one for a lot less (mine is £15 per year).  You don't have to go to all training sessions - just go as much as you want to/can.

    You'll meet other runners who might also want to run at times other than club sessions that would suit you.

  • We have club members who I know are active runners but that we don't see from one year to the next. In fact we have a couple who pay their subs every year and I'd never met them desipte being a member for 8 years. I'm not sure why people think they have to be active within the club to be a member - if you pay your subscription then you're in. Clubs know that fixed training times won't suit everybody, but it's not all about those sessions. Many people meet other club members to run outside those times, then there's team events you could enter, social events etc. The only thing clubs may expect from you is that if they organise races then they might want you to volunteer once or twice a year as it's often those events that subsidise the cheap club membership.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    BOTF is right. I've been at a club for 5-6 years, and we've apaprently had membership from 100-200 in each of those years, yet most weeks it was the same 20-30people turning up.

    Then you'd marshall the yearly half marathon or something and find a bunch of people you'd never seen who'd been members for years!

  • MrsK8MrsK8 ✭✭✭
    In my defence...

    I paid £25 for PP which seemed in line with a lot of clubs (yours aside Wilkie!), not sure if I'll renew at £30 though.

    Didn't RunBritain used to have one for about £9?
  • I can understand the attraction of virtual clubs to get the affiliated discount, but unless they offer something that no-on else provides then it strike me that it would be far better to give your money to a real club who are promoting running, organising events, running starter courses etc. Money to a virtual club just goes to pay the  web hosting costs and maybe even the wages of whoever runs the site.
  • PCleasbyPCleasby ✭✭✭
    Just join Fetch.
  • K8greene,

    Yes, RunBritain was about £12 IIRC and I jpined that one BUT I don't think you get UKA license anymore. Not sure. My renewal is up in a couple of days (apparently) and I've heard nothing.


    Fair point.

    Personally, i feel that it just  wouldn't really feel "right" to join a "real" running club and just not turn up now and again. Maybe thats why I joined a virtual one.


    Do you want a new virtual member?

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    New members are always welcome - virtual or otherwise. image

    We have members who NEVER come running, or to the social events - but they always pay their subs promptly.

  • MrsK8MrsK8 ✭✭✭
    I'm like you Sean, it wouldn't feel right to join a real running club & then never turn up. I'm guess I'm all or nothing!
  • We Run are offering a Virtual Running Club, with weekly 'club runs' set out by a qualified Coach, as well as S&C routines each week organised around a monthly improvement theme.

    Apologies for the plug, but there aren't many offering an actual online club (lots offering virtual 'races'), so wanted to direct those that might be looking for a club that offers training input in this direction:
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