JHGSPA 10k multi-terrain run

I hear this didn't go so well, any commnts?


  • Unfortunately the leading packs on the 10k went off course due to a marshalling problem.just spoilt any chance of setting a pb.but saying that I enjoyed the race but not sure I would enter that one again.
  • On the plus side my girlfriend came across first women
  • Fortunately, I wasn't fast enough to go off course, but those that were have my sympathy. That was a tough enough route as it was without having to do extra distance. Feel sorry for the organisers - only takes one person to be in the wrong place at the wrong time...

    Can't imagine trying to set a PB on those hills, though!
  • It was unfortunate - but a beautiful tough route and the organiser had the good grace to try to apologise to every runner personally for the cock-up which was very good of him. And you got a Freddo at the end!
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