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I am just wondering if anyone has any information regarding how regular running will change my heart rate when training? I have a max of 187 and during the 5k Parkruns my avg has been 173bpm (for approx 29mins). This feels like a huge workload but it is pretty normal when I run or cycle. My heart rate does come down pretty quickly when I stop. (Similar to a formula 1 car!)

Will regular running bring down my average or do I just have to live with it. I would like to have more power and a lower heart rate in order to decrease my time.

Any suggestions?


  • I run close to my max on 5k's as I'm sure most of us here will do , my max is around 198 and my last 5k I ran an average of 187. There's nothing wrong with having a high heart rate during a race, it shows you're working hard. If your heartrate gets lower during races it's because you're not running as fast as you're capable of.
  • If you're not close to your max at the end of a 5k then you really haven't run it hard enough.  If your HR is coming down quickly afterwards then that's a sign that you've got a good fitness level.

    Regular training will bring your HR down but I hope that you'll race faster rather than at a lower HR.

  • Yes - you'll just be going faster for the same heartrate. Your recovery should improve and your resting heart rate may be a bit lower but you'll still have a similar heart rate when you race. If this worries you - ditch the monitor.
  • Great! Thanks for all your replies. Makes me feel normal! image
  • When I started I couldn't do any run at below 150. Even a gentle jog was straight up to 150, but flat out I couldn't go above 170 - a very narrow operating range. Now 8 years later I can run with it below 130 (just), I can do a 5k with an average of 172/3 and get it up to around 176.
  • Your heart rate sounds fine to me, my max is around 192 and I'd average about 180-185 for 5-10K and about 190 across the line.
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