Sunderland City 10k

This was a brilliantly organised event.Plenty of entertainment beforehand including elite miles and a childrens event.A good course taking in the city centre , parks and riverside with only two slopes ( sharp and short ). The finish was into the Stadium of Light where the football club appear to have pawned the grass ( a Leeds supporter ha ha ). A decent medal and technical t shirt and apple!Well recommended and one I will be revisiting


  • Did this race too. My first ever race and wasnt able to train properly cause i got a bad leg (shin splints i think) so hadnt ran for over a month before hand and never ran that distance before.

    Finished in 53:09, ranked 414 out of 1509

    Was happy with the result especially since it was about 25'c image
  • I did this and as you say the pre-race entertainment etc was very good, however I think there were a few issues that would need to be addressed in future, most could be resolved with start pens based on predicted times though.  I found I spent most of the of the first part of the course, dodging and weaving through people and I'm not particularly fast, and the paths through Mobray Park were too narrow.  Like I say most of this could be sorted with start pens.  As a first time event though It went quite well, love the Tech TeeShirt  and the medal is nice.  I will always come back for this event though as it is my home city, don't live there now like, but like to support it.
  • I thought there would of been different start pens too since they ask you what time you think you'll finish it.  I was passing people all the way to the end.  The part next to the glass centre was a bit of a pain too when loads of people started walking up the bank all spread out the path.
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