I am Jodie Foster...

When running I am Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling.

Silence of the Lambs, opening scene storming through the woods on a dawn run - young, fit, ambitous, determined. White trash, but good to the core.

Wanted to get that off my chest.


  • Do you cross dress as well?

    I think Dr Lecter would have some interesting things to say.
  • I can smell your shoes Clarice
  • Peet you are such a show off - what a picture!! Oldbones will be v jealous - he only has two frames! So are you Patrick Swayzee (dirty dancing) when running, or just Leroy from Fame?
  • Which one of you wants to know? Badger or Foxy?

    Do you know Nurse Beaver?
  • It looks for more like Jennifer Beals - Flashdance, oooh what a feeeeeling.
  • I'm seeing two Nursebadger&Nursefoxys... Scary!

    when Running I'm normally just really knackered!
  • Jon you've strayed off - stop running away from us (and us) and come back to the nursey thread
  • Peet- how did you get spidey to dance on your picture, I tried but being useless at anything computerised I could only get him still

    When running I think, therefore I am!
  • It's an animated GIF file Nick. The hardest part was scaling it down sufficiently that the file size was accepted here, but the picture still recognisable.
    If you have any animated gif files of the appropriate size (in pixels and bytes) it should be accepted on here.
  • Cheers peet, I can't use my spidey now as everyone will start chanting copycat at me but shall look for something else
  • Oooh that dance is hypnotic. Quick Peet - do three or four posts together and then we have a line dancing thing going on.
  • and 1...
  • and 2...
  • turning 3...
  • and back again...
  • Fabulous!!!
  • I'm quite happy to be so well out-animated!! Brilliant forum moment.

    Badge - please explain nurse connection.
  • Badge - ignore above, I've just seen the thread. Oh I do feel poorly...
  • Tim

    Paula inspires me too. To such an extent that when she has a major 5k or 10k race (ie its on television), I go down to the gym and onto the treadmill.

    I have to run for an awful lot longer than her (obviously) to cover the same distance, but I try and time it so that we are at least doing the last lap together - so with my headphones on I get the crowd cheering me on too.

    Does this make me the biggest saddo on the forum? Probably


    PS I have never beaten her!
  • SR,

    It could be worse...you could be a Fomula 1 fan; causing mayhem up your local High-Street racing Schumi to the line !

    At least with the running you don't have to stop for pit-stops.
  • Yeah Slowpoke - good example. I think I worked out Paulas Marathon pace at 18km an hour, and I've been trying to build up to that ever since. (Up to 1 minute intervals of 17kmh so far).

    And then she clocks 20kmh for her 10,000 metres. :-(

    Anyone tried to copy her head wobble ? Makes me sick straight away.
  • I find the wobble quite relaxing! I do it for a bit if I've been hunching up (and to try adn make me look good... Doesn't work!)
  • Scotty H's last message:

    ".....At least with the running you don't have to stop for pit-stops "

    See previous thread on runners trots, immodium and the like.

  • Yeah, but you're doing the opposte I s'pose! We can't go at 200kph, but atleast we can move/refuel at the same time!
  • Tim

    They are always in sync because the system only holds a single copy of the image and the web page is just displaying multiple instances of that single image so all instances are timed from the single image that exists on the system


  • I am waving ... I am Mexican

  • ... but you've not got me going yet :-D

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