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    that looks like really good fun and a good excuse to take it easy!!

    Thanks for the links - have entered my email address to be sent an email when registration opens.

  • I've done one of their marathon events in the States in San Diego, it was very well organised and lots of fun.  Live music every mile, it was my first (and only) marathon so far, hopefully they will do a good job in Edinburgh.
  • Does anybody know what the route is for this one?  is it still the old half marathon route from meadowbank to Musselburgh or have the big organisers brought it into the city?
  • I had forgotten all about this! And now it is going to be only 2 weeks after my first ever marathon so I think I had better give it a miss. Shame should be fun!
  • This looks like great fun! I found it by mistake, but had to sign up.  
  • think i'm going to do this one too, i did a R&R in vegas and it was one of the best events ive ever done.
  • many people on here running this event?
  • I'm running it, but not racing it, as I have the Stratford marathon just 2 weeks later.  I'll pootle round, enjoy the music and the scenery, and really enjoy the weekend away with the better half!
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    I'm doing it, it's my first half. Having looked at the route it's basically downhill for a few miles out, then uphill on the way back, then pretty much the exact same course as the Great Edinburgh 10k last year, which was  very up and down. The prospect of doing 6 miles and the hilly 10k from last year doesn't fill me with joy, but at least the routes I'm training on are similar.

     Will post the Google Earth tour shortly.

  • The elevation chart looks pretty daunting lol.

    Should be a great weekend, also, the medals are awesome.
  • bands have just been announced on the official site - not heard of any of them!
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    For those of a geeky disposition (or who want a better look at the route) here's the Google Earth link:

    Rock and Roll tour

    It's based on the map on the official site and should be roughly right. You can zoom around it, but for extra geekery, run the tour as follows:

    • Click on the link above and save the file somewhere.
    • Open the file in Google Earth
    • You should see something called "Rock and Roll Edinburgh Half2.kmz" under "Places". Double-click the Google Earth icon on the left of the "Rock and Roll" text
    • You should then see an icon with three linked diamonds  and the word "Path". Click on Path
    •  Underneath the list of places, next to up and down arrows, there should be the  same diamond icon. Click on that and it should zoom to the start of the route and play the tour.
  • Hi guys,

     I am planning on running this.  Although a bit worried that I've not had enough training...ran 8.5 miles last Sunday but that has been my furthest ran so far...but there is still 4 weeks to go!  

    Thanks Cormorant for the Google Earth link...impressive...but oh my makes you realise what a long way it is - how do people manage a full marathon!    I'm worried about the hills in this one but it's my first half marathon so I can hopefully only improve on my time...especially if my next one (being optimistic thinking I will survive this one enough to want to do a second one!) isa bit more on the flat.  

    How is everyone else's training going - good to go?!

  • CormorantCormorant ✭✭✭

    Hi cguk,

     It's my first half too.  I'm vaguley following the Hal Higdon novice plan, and 8.5 miles is about right by this stage according to that. The plan only builds up to 10 miles before the race - you have to find the extra 3 on the day. I reckon the double figure miles is a psychological thing, so I'm keen to go past 10 in training.

     Having effectively ran the last 6 miles of the course in the 10k I take your point about the hilliness, I'm trying to prepare by making sure I have hills on my training runs, especially at the end, which hopefully will give me some idea.

  • I'm doing this with Mr CS, we'll be taking it easy and enjoying the atmosphere... we've also signed up for the EMF Half Marathon in May which is where we'll be blasting it.

    If it helps, my 1st half was off the back of 1 x 11mile run in training which was more walk than run and I managed to run the whole way on the day and loved it.  That was Sheffield half which is erm...undulating I believe is the term they used. image   Just relax and enjoy yourself, you only get to run your 1st half marathon once.

    Mr CS had been eyeing up the Rock & Roll events in the US, I think he fancied Vegas but it works out very expensive so when they anounced they were bringing the series to the UK...Woohooo!!!  Can't wait to get my hands on that seriously gorgeous medal.

  • CormorantCormorant ✭✭✭

    I was put off the EMF half as last year it started well early and was done by the time the marathon finshed, plus the marathon was a but shambolic - but hopefully they'll learn from last year's mistakes.The R&R popped up just as I was thinking about what to do so made the decision for me.

    I think I'm in the Great North Run - at least they've taken my money, so I'll have two to compare. I'll definitely need to think of something after that as I won't motivate myself to run regularly without something to aim for.

    Looking forward to the medal, but very much looking forward to running down Canongate and knowing there's no more uphill!

  • I did the EMF Marathon in 2010 and the 10k & half last year... back this year for the half but only because the group of forumites I met up with in 2010 and have since stayed in touch with have arranged a reunion.  I quite like the fact that the half starts at 8... it means I get to finish my race, hang around to cheer my friends on who are doing the marathon at about mile 9 and still have plenty of time to get to the pub after a little snackette & a shower. image

    Have to agree with you though, the EMF organisation took shambles to a whole new level last year...hopefully they've taken onboard peoples comments and have upped their game for this year.

  • CormorantCormorant ✭✭✭

    Ha, I like your logic, especially the pub part!

     I forgot to say that I also did the route in Mapometer (which is how I got it into Google):

    R&R route in Mapometer

     I'm trying not to look at the altitude profile!

  • Don't get obsessed with the hills guys, they go down as well as up!

    And if you really are struggling, then don't sweat it.  Take a short walk break until you get to the top, allows you to get your heart rate under control, then press on down the other side, overtaking everyone who went past you on the climb!

  • Glad to hear 8.5miles at this stage isn't too far off the mark.  I live in West Lothian so might try and get into Edinburgh and run round Arthurs seat a couple of times within the next week or two and see how I cope.

    I didn the EMF 10K last year and the organisation of it was fine but I heard the half and full marathon was awful.  I'm going to do the EMF half this year (unless the R&R half puts me off for life!0 so I hope they have sorted it out for this year.  

     Cormorant, well done on getting a spot on the Great North Run...exciting, imagine the atmosphere will be fantastic. 


  • The route of the EMF half is super fast and actually quite enjoyable running along the sea front... One of my favourite races...if only it wasn't so far away or such a shambles.

    Isn't the pub the main reason for putting ourselves through this???  If you put your logical head on 13.1miles is a car journey...a taxi would work out quite expensive so you'd take the car...and yet here we are all set to run it.  It's gonna be grrrrrrrrrreat. image

  • CazSoul wrote (see

    Isn't the pub the main reason for putting ourselves through this???

    The only reason, surely!!
  • I didn't want you all thinking I'm a p*sshead this early in the game Ian lol, but yes the pub is the only reason. image
  • Nothing to be ashamed of Caz, that first post-run pint is as good as it gets!
  • Off out for a 10mile run today, hills at the start and then a nice easy downhill section all the way to Starbucks for a well deserved hot chocolate...and maybe a sneaky wee bun teehee.

    The pub we went to after last years EMF half served some really good nachos as well Ian...mnom mnom mnom nachos & a nice cold pint of lager can't beat it. image
  • i could murder some nachos right now - still stuck at work image
  • looking forward to this one, hotel booked.
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