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  • What about minimalist shoes? I run on Nike Free 2+ and like it. But I'm suffering from shin splints. I don't know whether it's because of the shoe or going too far/fast too quickly. I really like the shoe, since it is comfortable and lightweight and...

     I started running (couch to 5k begin May and run 40-55min x 3/4 times a week. 

  • Hi all, Im about to get back into running after having back surgery in 2011 to fuse my sine back together after breaking it in two places. 

    I don't have flexibility from waist down and my posture has changed as has my way of going in movement.  

    I would run 20-25 miles a week before in Nike Shox, most runners dont like them but they worked for me. I have no expectations of how far nor how fast i'll be now but my worry is what shoe!? Ive been to two local running shops, both gave differing advice..... Help!

    Roxanne Brown.  



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