Talkback: RW Interviews: Iwan Thomas

RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

Grrr... "fun runner"

So, Iwan, being an elite 400m athlete meant that you weren't running for fun?

"Being able to travel around the world, meet other athletes and compete as an elite was an amazing experience, but I still get that thrill from running and taking part in triathlons."

So it's the same thrill?  Elite athletes are actually fun runners?

"I know that when I line up for a 10K that I'm never going to win it but I run now to better myself. My approach is that I'm doing it for fun but you'd be surprised but how many people try to race me whenever I do an event. It's not a bad thing because it means I always get the best out of my own performance."

Of course, Iwan, when you lined up for the Olympics and World Championships you were never going to win it either, so that was just for fun?  imageimage  (Sorry to have a go at you, Iwan, as I know you were just answering some badly thought out RW questions...)


  • You just keep digging in and you focus on running for your charity.

    Ah, so that's what it's all about.

    Agree with you Ratzer, crap questions and even more crappy answers.

  • I loathe the expression 'fun runner'.

    It should be banned from RW.
  • Give the guy a break, he's just answered some questions. I'm taking part in the run and found it interesting. Don't be so touchy about an expression, I'm sure it wasn't meant as a personal dig at anyone.

    I was quite surprised by the times Iwan's achieved for 10k, I'd expected him to be quicker. Perhaps he's not training to seriously and is enjoying the event, without the pressure of needing to achieve a certain time to secure sponsorship, meet a qualifying standard and secure a place in the British team = "fun". 

    Don't take it personally!

  • I was surprised by his times initially too, but, if you think about it, to reach elite level as a sprinter means his natural muscle composition must be overwhelmingly fast-twitch so he's actually probably at a disadvantage compared to your average runner when it comes to longer distances.

    And agree with Mike, compared with the pressure of competing at the very top I'm sure what he does now is 'fun', and I'm sure he didn't mean to disrespect any other runners by it. At least he said he's trying to get the best out of his performances, rather than dressing up as a caterpillar or something...

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