ifffy foot

this may seem obsurd to some of you, but my question is do i run a half marathon in 4 days with a black swollen foot.... i finnished 9 miles yesterday then after my foot swoll up and has now gone black on the top i have no pain with this and can not recall injuring it, many thanks


  • I would suggest a trip to a Dr may be in order ...
  • Nah.. He'll be OK Meldy, He's asked a load of strangers on the tinterweb... Bound to know more than a Doc.

    A Doctor I happen to know, Says she gets really fed up with folks arriving at  surgery and telling her every one she has asked at work and all the web sites they have looked at say the problem is X....

    My Doc says she wonders why she spent all those years at Uni, If you can now use google

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