Cardiff Half-Marathon

Hi all.

I've just got back into my running after an extended 5 year brake and have chose my home town of Cardiff as my first major race. I've just  noticed they have published the new 1/2 marathon route on line and I am not that impressed with it. It goes down the horrible A4232, through the tunnels and out again. It reminds me of the first fill marathon they done (I ran it) where we had to run up the A4232 then back down again and nobody liked it back then and they might not like it now.

It might not be too bad, as we are only ruinning down the link road and not up it, as long as they don't decide to shorten it again. What do you all think?

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  • Will check it out. 

    Sandwiched between Great North and Great South runs, but I'd like to do it as it's local.

  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭
    Shame they've cut out Bute Park altogether!  I'm running it this year - my first ever Half
  • Hi, May well enter this  - only live 50 mins up the M4 & never raced this before! Would be good prep for my marathon on 13th November. Route looks ok, but shame it's missing the lovely park, also looks like a bit of an out & back section by the sports village.
  • I'm doing this on the strength of last years (slightly short course), it was fast and flat and I really thought I could PB. I don't know Cardiff all that well although I work nearby (I live over the bridge) but looking at the new course it looks a bit to A-roady. I'm committed now as there a bit of an inter divisional comp at work, unfortunately I'm doing Chester full the week before so unlikley to be PBing (well I won't be attempting to) anymore anyway (but should still do well in the company comp).
  • Not sure about the new route.  I have run all the Cardiff Half Marathons so far and I think this looks like the worst course yet (and that includes last year when it was short). 

    They seem to have taken out all the nice sections through the parks and replaced them with running up and down links roads.  Previously the loops through the park were good because if you have supporters they could cheer you on in different places by walking a couple of yards.  Now it seems like you will only get to see them once.Also by the looks of it you will not be able to park down the bay as they are closing all the main routes as part of the course which means you could end up with a load of runners having to trudge miles after completing the race to get home.  It does not seem to be the best thought out route but I am sure it will be alright on the day. 
  • I am looking for to the race as it will be fun to run around Cardiff again. I do run across the barrage most evenings during my training sessions and I never get tired of it. That is the best part of the marathon running across the barrage with the views over Cardiff bay.

    Reading the route description we don't actually run through the tunnels, which I was quite looking forward to. Instead we leave the A4232 at the Techniquest junction just before the entrance to the tunnels, go around the roundabout, then back onto the A4232 to run back across the bridge

    I've mapped out the route on Endomondo so you can study it further. I think it's about right even though the distance it measures is about 13.3 miles. It gives you a better idea of the roads you will be running on.

    Happy running.

  • At least the A4322 stretch will be slightly downhill and all tarmac easy running, setting you up nicely for a strong finish.

    Also in fairness the views on that stretch aren't too bad over the elevated bit. 

  • musketeermusketeer ✭✭✭
    Has the Cardiff Half ever had the same route 2  years in a row?
  • I think the two years it finished in the millennium stadium were along the same route. But the route has changed a number of times due to the fact the start and finish places change most years.  From my memory it has finished in the Civic Centre by City Hall, the Millennium Stadium for 2 years, Cardiff Castle for one year and now it seems to have settled down the bay.

    I think the most finishes have been in the Civic Centre but each year the route was slightly tweaked. 

    Personally I don't mind the route changing every year as it keeps it interesting.  As long as they include the landmarks (Barrage, Bay, Castle etc) then I don't see it as a porblem.  However I do think it is a shame that the parks have been taken out this year as they were a key feature for me. 

  • At least they've not taken the route through the centre again, the street furniture was a nightmare.

    I was considering doing this again this year, but the thought of running Central Link, Cowbridge Road, Leckwith Road and the Link Road has made up my mind to not bother.  Cardiff has always been a very picturesque race with parts of the park and the embankment being well supported.  Taking these out ruins the route for me. 

  • Hi guys,

    If you’re already signed up for the Cardiff Half Marathon – well done, as all places have now been filled. But if you haven’t yet chosen a charity to run for then can I suggest the Meningitis Trust?

    They will provide you with:

    • Post race reception tent
    • Refreshments
    • Post race massage
    • En-route support
    • Personalised t-shirt or vest
    • Race Pack full of training and dietary information

    All you’ll need to do in return is pledge to raise a minimum of £80 for the Meningitis Trust.

    To sign up or for more information:



    Call: Ffion Haf on 0845 120 4597

  • NamNam ✭✭✭

    Re: complaints about the pretty parks section being taken out...

    After the carnage at the 2010 race during those sections, they had so many complaints about the bottlenecks in the park slowing mid-pack people down to walking pace that they had to make a choice... have a smaller race with much fewer places or leave out the narrow park paths.

    You can't please everybody.

  • NamNam ✭✭✭
    Alan W wrote (see)

    I was considering doing this again this year, but the thought of running Central Link, Cowbridge Road, Leckwith Road and the Link Road has made up my mind to not bother.  Cardiff has always been a very picturesque race with parts of the park and the embankment being well supported.  Taking these out ruins the route for me. 

    Cowbridge Road East???  Blimey... "interesting choice"...  safety in numbers I suppose... image
  • Gutted it looks like I've missed the boat on this one. Signed up for Bristol Half and was considering doing Cardiff (5 weeks later) but kept delaying signing up until I was confident with my training and that I could really go for it and try and beat my "unofficial" PB of last year (I say unofficial as it was the slightly short Cardiff Half last year). Anyway - went to sign up last Tuesday and think it had sold out the night before. On the reserve list and hoping I'll be towards top but not very hopeful of getting a place image

    Good luck to everyone who is signed up.

  • Sorry for double post but very excited as I've just had an e-mail of Barnado's offering me a charity place. Have to raise a minimum of £175, but compared to charity places for other events (particularly London Marathon), that's a much more doable amount.

    Done a 10 mile run BEFORE work yesterday getting up at 5.30am to get ready - never done more than 6 miles before work previously. Planning on doing one run before work per week, one after work, and a longer run on the weekend (although I kind of already done my long run this week). I should mention I've done a half and full marathon before in case any newbies are worried they are not up to 10 miles yet as I know from looking on forums as a newbie last year, some of the mileages mentioned scared me a bit!

  • I was really looking forward to running the Cardiff Half again this.  My training was going really well and I was hoping to beat my time from last year but I have now managed to knacker my left knee so bad it hurts to walk. 

    I am just glad it has happened with a couple of months to go and not any closer.  Hopefully by taking it easy for a good few weeks I will at least be able to run the half and not be to far off my time. 

  • mrandyyumrandyyu ✭✭✭
    Hey guys, does anybody know if there'll be any energy drink stations during the race? I know there were last year but all I can see on the site is water will be handed out...
  • does anyone have a place and is unable to run? i'd be happy to take it off your hands.

    my girlfriend and i both tried ot enter, she got in and i missed the boat, despite having gone thorugh the would you like a t-shirt, mug, medal. hoodie part, something went wrong.

    Let me know if you can help out.



  • i'm in for this, never done this event before so looking forward to a new race.
  • Both my wife and i are doing the half this year, her first ever and my first for two years, as i tore a muscle training for last years event.I have done three previous Cardiff halfs and I think the new route will facilitate the extra number of runners taking part. It,s allways going to be a compromise between scenic and congested but hopefully our local, as we live in Cardiff- Bay will still be a great race as previous years. Good luck to all taking part.image
  • I did Cardiff for the first time last year and was disappointed with the first 4 miles or so as it was so congested that I had to walk due to sheer numbers in the first mile, and had to run on the grass all the way through Bute Park, so am pleased that they have removed it. I agree it won't be as scenic but at least if they remove the bottlenecks then everyone will get a chance of a decent run.

     Hopefully they will put in some sort of proper time allocation starting places too, as I passed lots of people walking or running really slowly in the first 1/2 mile - and believe me I am not quick!! image

  • Last years Cardiff Half did have a few problems - it was my first one so I wasn't sure what to expect. As Euan says, hopefully they'll sort out the starting places this year - maybe colour code it based on predicted times like they do with Bristol Half Marathon.

    Admittedly I started in the wrong place last year - stood at the 2 hour 30 mark but finished in 2 hours 9 - however it was my first half marathon and it wasn't as bad as what seemed like hundreds of 2 hour 15+ runner who started in the sub 2 hour section or even further.

    Haven't properly looked at course yet but sounds like an improvement from what others are saying

  • How's everyone's training going? I did the Bristol Half Marathon 2 days ago so am having a couple of days off before getting back to it. Hoping to get at least three 10+ mile runs in before this half marathon.Only 33 days to go!
  • Training is just not happening with me at the moment, which is a bit gutting as I was hoping to try for a PB again this year and my training seemed to be going well.  However I managed to pick up a nigglely knee injury so have not been out for a run for about 3 weeks. 

    Hopfully by resting my knee I will be able to start training again next week but I know that a PB is out of the question this year (if I was being sensible anyway) but at least I will be able to runt he half and make it 9 years in a row. 

  • BG - 9 years in a row - good going. Pity about the injury - what is your PB?

    I beat my Half Marathon PB in Bristol on Sunday... by 2 seconds! Went out a bit too quick and suffered in the 2nd half of race. Therefore in the Cardiff Half I'm thinking I might just go easy for the first half and hopefully make up the time in the second half and hopefully beat it again. Just going to try and enjoy this one either way.

  • Well I ran 1:34 last year but the course was about 200 yards short, so my PB for a correctly measured course is 1:45 which was in 2009.  I did have thoughts of trying to get below 1:30 but that will be for another year.   I have managed to run all the cardiff halfs and it has been really good to be able to see my improvement over the years (times range from 2:36 to 1:34 and weigth ranges from 20st to 13st) and this has encouraged me to try and get better each time.

    Sounds like a sensible plan and one I will try to follow as well and hope I don't get carried away on the day.

  • *follows Ledgend777 over from the Bristol HM thread*

    Looking forward to this, sounds like it could be a speedy course. Nobody has mentioned anything about any hills, so there aren't any? Not that I've picked up a hill phobia, honest image 

  • I think the only 'hill' on the course will be the slip road on to the link road, other than that the course is as flat as a pancake and should be ideal for a quick run.  I just hope their tape measure is long enough this year.
  • I did my first half marathon in Bristol this weekend. In fact it was my first ever race. I was only hoping to finish but ended up with 2:02. It goes without saying the aim of Cardiff is to break 2hrs.

    (I think I've been bitten by the bug) image

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