Event overload ? Lost our mojo.....:(

We're a group of 3 fairly fit 40 something girls, mostly swimmers rather than runners, one started running couple of years ago, the other two of us last year - I wanted to do a sprint tri, and we'd entered a couple of 10k adventure races. In autumn signed up to do a half and couple of 10ks this summer and trained well through the winter. In last 2 months have done the half, 2 x 10ks, 2 x mile open water swim races and 2 x 3k open water races, and doing lots of swimming as training to do Alcatraz next month. Trying to keep the running going as got another 10k in August and a half in October and even talked about training up to do a full next Autumn, but last couple of weeks, our training runs have been rubbish, none of seem to have our running heads on at all, and it feels as if regressed by 3 or 4 months! Can't believe that ran the half last month. Don't think I could now ! Have we just done too much, will our enthusiasm come back? Is it cos we've achieved our immediate running goals ? Just when beginning to feel like a runner, weeks like lost it all image


  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    Could be that you are tired and need a bit of a rest.

    It takes time to get over a race that's why you need to plan in recovery. HM's aren't to be sniffed at, they take a lot out of you. Then 2x 10k?  Just take it very easy for the next week or two. Don't do anything too heavy on the running front.

    We all go through these down periods where it feels like your body has just forgotten how to run. It will improve.

    If you feel that your running has become a bit jaded then do something different to your usual training but I'd still say have some down time.

  • Thanks 'full stop' person - that's kind of the conclusion we've been coming round to. Events & training & just work,life & family & stuff all add up. Keep the running ticking over, get the big mid-life crisis swim done image, bit of a holiday then see if can get running head back on ! image
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