Stupid Bike Question

Can i use a rear wheel that has Ultegra Cogs on a bike that has a Dura Ace set up??


  • Yes all Shimano/Sram cassettes are interchangeable as long as they have the same number of gears and the range is within the tolerance if you have a short mech.
  • Its a long mech (cos its a triple) and they are both 10spd ... I want a larger rear spread for a very hilly sportif on the 16th
  • Yes then Will, like Gumps mentioned just need to ensure that the cassette is the same speed. 10 in your case, this will ensure that all spacing etc are ok and no issues shifting through the gears. I quite often change wheels and have SRAM cassette on one and a Shimano on the other, both 10 speed so no issues.

    Campag have different spacing so aren't compatible.

    Mrs bought me the Zinn bike maintenance book a couple of xmas's ago which is basic but is a great reference point. Might be worth a look
  • As your on a triple Will try a 11/27 or 12/27 then you shouldn't need to use the granny ring!

    But you already know that image

  • Ohh Hi Gumps are you at Outlaw again this year?
  • I will still need the grany ring as when i say hilly i mean dam hilly - one climb is 1 in 3 (33%) and is a challenge to the best nevermind me
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