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Hi, I am currently training for my first marathon, road running isn't my favourite thing but want to do a road marathon and tick it off my list so to speak. From mid October onwards I will then be free to progress to longer races and fully off road ones and this one has attracted my attention. It's tough but I believe I can do it. It'll give me 6 months to train with a backpack. If anyone has done it I would appreciate suggestions, what to pack apart from the list on the website (never been to Scotland so not sure how cold/wet it can be at the beginning of May there). Any thoughts appreciated.


  • 140 miles over 5 days. And you haven't yet done a marathon.

    It looks a good challenge but I think more for the longer term than next year.

    Marathon training plans are typically four months. You only have six to get used to a lot lot longer run.

  • I've done it plus some of Sandbaggers other races, expect some tough terrain, spectacular locations and lots of fun. I beleive the format may include a shorter 3 day race next year so it might be worth emailing Dave (one of the organisers) for details. If you go to  forum the race even has its its own section and loads of past vetrans post on there if you need any advice.

    Theres usually a fair mix of talent and ability in the feild so dont worry if you train hard its definately possible, just dont expect it to be easy and be prepared for a pretty sharp learning curve when it comes to multiday racing. Its a cracking experience though and one you'll never forget.

    Good luck

  • Why don't you try some of the single day ultra events that Scotland has to offer to get into the spirit (the non-alcholic kind!). There is a SUMS challenge (google SUMS ultra) with many events from 33 miles to 95. The earliest and easiest is in March. You can also access SHR (Scottish Hill Runners) for details of all trail and hill runs in Scotland - there are absolutely loads!

    May is probably the best month in Scotland. Few midges, often dry and warm. However results may vary - anything from 25 degrees to blizzard is possible.

    Enjoy the trails. Scotland is superb for them!

  • Gosh, I am big fan of some forumites here, Cougie is one of them for his/her comments always to the point and it all made me think that maybe I am taking too much on. I thought though that multidays are easier than single race ultra, I don't think that I could run 100 miles in one go but as 140 miles over 5 days seems about a marathon a day and because I train off road only and on hills a lot I thought I could handle it. But maybe not, I shall have a look at other races not as long as this one. Thanks Cougie for honesty.

  • acdcgirl, I was in a similar position to you a few years ago, a good mate asked me to do a 5 day 135 mile trail race in South Africa. I had good fitness but before I started training for it I hadn't run anything longer than a half marathon.
    I did a 16 week training program, which I committed fully to, and come race day I was ready. The 2nd day was my first ever marathon (and a bit), swiftly followed by my next the day after....

    At the time I felt absolutely crazy agreeing to do the race but it is one of the best things I've done.

    If you want to do it, go for it.

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