Would you buy shoes online or not?

Please help to answer the questionaire here! 


I’m a student and currently doing the research for buying shoes online. Mainly focus on the reason why people buy shoes on the Internet.

This survey will take only 5 minutes. Thank you for your time.


  • I've bought shoes online cause it's cheaper than going to a shop and paying for their staff wages, rent, etc. Don't get me wrong I support local running shops and have bought many shoes from these as they are owned & run by real runners. Having found a pair that I liked I bought my last pair online - same as what I bought in the shop.

    I wouldn't a buy a pair if I hadn't tried them on intially as shoes vary a lot I width and fit as well as when you try them out hand have a giat analysis.

  • Only completed some of the questions, what I earn is of no relevance imho

    The question are missed out some important questions as well. I generally buy in store due to associated products and services such as biometric checks which are not available online
  • For what it's worth, clumsy wording in section 3. If I was doing this research, I'd try to find out how many people bought their first pair of "trainer X" at a proper shop, then bought exact replacements of "trainer X" online.
  • ive bought online but only when ive been and tried them on in store, certainly not buying blind,

    if you know your gait and are familiar with a brand its ok i guess, i bought my last 3 asics that way based on my gait and the way they are designed as i'm very familiar with asics an *fingers crossed* their way of doing things for my style is consistent,

  • What?? You've posted the same survey here and on Folksy.com What is the point? Folksy is full of crafters who design and hand make lovely stuff on a small scale. RW is full of errr... runners!

    Buying running shoes is TOTALLY different to buying casual/ fashion shoes. You haven't made any distinction at all. Do you even understand the difference? Do you care? What are you trying to gain from this survey?
  • OP is crackers
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    the survey is also stupid as it allows you to complete the whole thing without ticking a single box!! as I just did as a test.

    it's from a Business School and they allow that to happen?? oh dear
  • What's freedom of hassles ?

    Do I want more hassles ? or do I want The Hassles to be freed ?

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