Fun Run (approx 3k)

as theres no place to write an event review fr the 3k i thought i would post here.

lets start by saying its only about 3k or 2.69k on my garmin and its only a fun run. its aimed at kids and the not so fit person - its ran alongside the thurlby 10k village race.

But with the above statement in mind i would have liked to see a water station, especially when there was one on the race info page of runners world events section. the temperature was quite warm, about 23 degrees. my eldest son who has just turned 6 has just started running and this was his second timed event, my youngest 4 and a half and his first event which we have actually let him run the full course (we normally make him walk bits). Both kids were well hydrated before hand and i took liquid with me for the eldest so the lack of water didnt affect him but i was shocked to see my youngest finish looking slightly more come over the line with my other half looking very weary. My other half isnt a runner but even she realised that there should have been water en route and by the sounds of it there were a fair few other parents saying the same.

After the events i saw last week at the Humber Half, organisers need to pay a little more attention to the needs of the unseasoned runners. I know these 2 events can not be compared but for £5 for a 3k fun run i think some thought should have been exercised.

............... rant over ..........


  • I think the drink stations were advertised for the 10k as normally water would not be supplied for such a short race. I think the 2.69k is a bit far for a 4 year old. I wouldn't let them do a fun run over a mile if I was you. The organisers should have advised against this I think.

    A word of advice is that when it comes to kids,especially toddlers then if you think they need anything then make sure you provide it yourself. It is unlikely that they were in trouble of suffering any dehydration if they were hydrated at the start.

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