Nike Lunarglide 3

Has anyone got/tried these yet. I have a custom pair of lunarglide 2 ID (easiest way I could get size 8.5 wide) and they are the best fitting and most comfortable running shoe i've ever had (and have my name on the tongue!), but I just saw nike have now brought the lunarglide 3 to market, so far only in 2 colours (although you can get custom ID ones made for you in a month).The main difference seems to be the support strap that goes under the foot. I was wondering how that works in the field. The product vid is below...possibly they are too new for any real runners to have tested them, but they've been available internationally since early may. Cant find any real 'runner' reviews online.


on the upside, lunarglide 2's are now on heavy sale at all the usual running places. but nike seem to have got rid of a bunch of their other lunar glide shoes from their official shop (haze is gone now for example). 


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    I noticed a lot of lunar shoes disappeared. The lunar elite 2 has dropped to 50 pounds. I don't think it's sold well compared to the original. Probably because it looks horrific. I'm looking a the LG 3's they appear to be really supportive but also suitable for a nuetral runners.  
  • Im also neutral, but starting to up my milage to around 160-200km a month, and my adidas were no longer able to cut it and I was getting impact injuries. I tried the lunarglide 2 (wides) at the london marathon and found that instead of using adidas or asics, which I found too narrow, the lunarglide 2 wides were a great fit and are suitable to support me for the higher milage im doing (im told they will last longer as well, seeing as its a foam sole rather than air bags or gel). But yeh I was planning on getting a set of lighter race series lunars, but not really sure where the range is heading now so as ive got 2 identical pairs of lunarglide 2, im going to wait to see if any new elites show up in the market.

    The US nike site is normally my guide to see what shoes are coming to europe

  • Wayne - not sure about Lunarglides lasting longer than air/gel. The original lunar shoes used 'lunar foam' which was meant to have been an offshoot from the space programme (hence the name). It cushioned well and was light, but was hard to handle and couldn't be exposed to air - it was sealed inside the midsole in the first shoes.

    Since then the Nike marketing machine has taken over and no lunar shoes now use this foam. They are simply different densities of EVA foam. They are about as simple as you can get (read cheap for Nike to produce), but are cleverly wrapped up in neon colours and marketing hype.

    EVA won't last as long as gel or air - that's why gel and air (and all the other cushioning gizmos) were originally developed - to make midsoles made of EVA last longer.
  • wayne - i agree with recovery runner.  he seems to know the techical reasons why they dont last so long but in my experience lunarglides are done after about 5-600 miles.  I am on my third pair now and have ordered the new +3's as I think they are a great running shoe.  i have loved running in all of them but i dont think its coincidence that the last two injuries i have picked up (one ITB and one achilles tendon) have come about at the same time as i reached the 700 mile mark on my lunarglides.  The foam degrades and the 'bounce' they once had is noticeably reduced meaning less impact protection.

    I pronate and the linarglides are perfect for my gait, i just wouldnt recommend running forever in the same pair.

  • I've just brought some Lunarglide 3 Shields for my winter training so I will let you know how I get on. I have heard off a few of my friends with Asics that the gel does seem degrade over time/mileage (not physically degrade, but they do not feel as comfortable as the first time they wore them). However I am sure that is true of all running shoes! Shoe companies would go bust if they could create a shoe that you could use forever.
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