Anyone run in Embleton?

Hi all,

 Going on holiday to Embleton (Northumbria) next week. Looks like lots of places to run involving beach and paths. I can probably work out a route, but since I have an appaling sense of direction I wondered if anyone else had run there and if so whether they could recommend any routes (up to 10km ish)?



  • Northumberland Coastal Run (17th July) runs right through Embleton - from Beadnell to Alnmouth; voted best UK race about 5 years ago

    see Alnwick Harriers website

  • See you there if you're running it - fantastic challenge amidst stunning surroundings image
  • Thanks! Sadly I'll be going home the day before, but I'll have a look at the route and borrow bits of it.
  • You might try loops along the beach and back on the coastal paths.  There's a section of road at about 8-9 miles but there's little traffic, at least on Sundays.

    Make sure you take in Dunstanburgh Castle and Craster village - the memories will stay with you!  Enjoy your hols and your running image

  • Will definitely head for the Castle. Just had a look on mapometer and it appears a loop from where I'll be to Craster and back is 10km, which is my max so may well give it a (slow) go.
  • Craster is only another 1 mile or so. It's well worth the trip

  • image  Happy running, Cormorant!
  • Hi all,

     Just back from hols. Pleased to report that I kept up the running, and very glad I was too because I got to see a lot more of the area than I otherwise would, plus running on the beach first thing in the morning turns out to be great. 

    I got rather  amusingly lost on my long Sunday run, despite exenstive looking as OS maps beforehand. I also went over on my ankle after a mile but not badly. I thought you people want to seethe route: - check out the wee detours around Craster!

  • Hi, Cormorant.  Glad you enjoyed the outstanding surroundings!  You covered some of the Coastal Run - isn't Dunstanburgh Castle a stunningly imposing setting?

    My pal & I finished the race in just under 3 hours yesterday - her first ever distance over 10 miles and not the easiest of routes.  Mostly sunshine & a light breeze but some thunder & lightning and steady rain the last 25 minutes.  Still well worth my 400-mile round trip from Liverpool! image

  • Hi Swittle, imposing indeed. Especialy when I first caught sight of the castle and the sea. It was gawping at the scenery that caused me to fall though, so it does have it's drawbacks!

     Well done on the race, I have some idea now of what was involved. Might seriously think about it for next year, only a 200 mile round trip from Edinburgh for me.

  • Hope you're not too damaged after your fall.  Keep an eye on the Alnwick Harriers website - 1200 places this year but sold out in just over a day image  You won't regret signing up!  Take care - and see you at Beadnell next year maybe image
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