Black Toes

I did my first marathon in March and ended up with black toenails, 4 of them and 2 nails subsequently dropped off. Being a newbie i didn't know about the half size bigger thing, so i immediately bought new shoes half a size bigger and yesterday did my next marathon on a hot day. The last 5 miles were painful in the toes. I have those funny 'Roman' toes where the second toe is longer than the first and they were really painful and made the race in the last 5 miles miserable.

What can i do about this, should i go up a whole size? if i do that will my feet move around and then run the risk of blisters - which so far i have avoided.



  • I have my running trainers a whole size bigger as i get black toes as well. I have Roman toes to and half a size bigger still gave me manky toes. i also buy double layered running socks and i dont suffer with blisters.
  • Thanks for your reply. I think a full size bigger is the answer, good to know this from someone with the same problem.
  • Hi I have the same problem. My 2 nd toes are much longer than my big toes and curl over ! Horrid.
    These long toes were so painful after a long run - my friend who has the same toe problem told me about these toe end cushions - you can get them from Boots. They are £4 each but just do the job.
    They look like mini condoms! Well toe size.
    They are part of the Boots Advance Footcare range - They are called Toe End Cushion - they are brill and i wouldnt be training for a marathon without them.
    They are really comfy with a gel inner lining and elasticated fabric outside.
    They are on a normal shelf in the Feet dept of Boots with all the corn plasters!! - doesnt say anything about running on them but they work a treat!
  • Nicola, thanks for that. Do you wear a bigger size shoe though with your 'toe condoms'?

    Really appreciate the info.

  • no - i bought a half size bigger - im not sure buying a whole size bigger is the answer. Surely there would be too much movement which may make thing worse- each to their own i guess - but theres plenty of room for my toes and their condoms!!

    my third toes are also bigger and so im now wondering whether to use them on them too. As my mileage goes up i might find i need to.

    I havent lost any nails yet tho!
  • That's great. I'll get some for my toes and try them out with my half size bigger shoes and see how i get on. I contacted two running shops today and not one of them suggested something as sensible as this, so thanks a lot.
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