Should I replace?

I currently have a pair of New Balance shoes which have about 250 miles on them. At present I am training for a Half Marathon in September. With my training, I will be putting about an extra 225 miles onto the shoes - then there is the race itself.

Should I buy a new pair of shoes now and start mixing them into my training runs or will I be okay to keep my current shoes and replace them after the race?


  • Depends how the shoes cope with your running style/terrain.

    Personally I would buy a second pair and alternate between them. Not to say sticking to your current pair is wrong but it's a bit safer to alternate and have a fresher pair to race.

  • +1 and alternate.

    Whats not to like about that ? You'll still get the same mileage out of the shoes - maybe more and you lessen the likelihood of injuries.
  • I guess I'll be visiting Sweatshop at the weekend then...


  • Yes - I agree - get a new pair and alternate so tht you get to the race on a pair of shoes that still have decent mileage left

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