Which Reading?

I have a Garmin 305 and I upload the results to a variety of places for different reasons. However, which is the most accurate reading?

All uploaded directly from the watch with no adjustments -

Garmin Connect - 5.15mi @ 00:47:03
SportTracks - 5.17mi @ 00:47:02
Runkeeper - 5.12mi @ 00:47:01

Not much discrepancy, but I would expect them all to be the same....


  • What does it say on the actual watch itself? I'm guessing, although it doesn't quite make sense that it they are either rounding up or rounding down. Doesn't explain it totally because there is a reading in the middle but I'm sure they have subtle differences in the way they read the times.
  • The watch matches Garmin Connect - which I would expect it to.

    I just find it strange that three different sites could have 3 different results from the same input.

  • Not strange.

    Different web sites use different sources to measure distance. there are a number of different technologies and accuracies within those technologies. Also it's down to maths to some extent and so who has the most accurate calculating vehicle.

    I also assume that there is some rounding up or down going on there.

  • Surely the onlysource is mr pie's garmin watch. What other source are they using-ketchup?

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