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We tend to spend most of our holidays in Florida and was looking to plan our visit next year with a marathon or half marathon.  I've already run the Disney Goofy in January and the Wine and Dine half in October.  Has anyone else run any others they can recommend?


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    I havent run any but was looking at this site to find events:

    It gives rankings and previous years results etc

  • Try the Space marathon around early December, Miami marathon and half is the end of Jan.There are plenty of halfs throughout Floriada.

    There is always the Hooters half if you fancy chicken eings and beer when you finish.

     If you fancy a little bit further try the Atlanta marathon or half

  • I ran the South Beach halloween half marathon last year which was fun but very hard due to the heat.


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    Curly45 - Thanks for the website link, I'd found a few websites but that one seems pretty good for smaller races as well.  In fact I think I've found a 15k run for when I'm over in September now image

    Slowfoot - Thanks.  Have you actually run all those, it's a shame that most of the races I like the look of are either very early or very late in the year as it's not ideal for combining with a holiday.

    TPF - OOOOH I love that medal.  It's a bit of a drive from Orlando but I guess we could combine it with a stop over or two.   

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