Just joined but no idea where to begin!

Hi. I'm new to the site and more than a little daunted by the sheer number of threads and posts. Can anyone recommend some useful/interesting discussions I can start with?

For the record, I'm relatively new to running. I started in February with the aim of getting fitter and losing weight. So far, I'm 2 stone lighter (another 1 to lose) and I managed a 12.5k last week. I've got my eye on a 10 miler in the New Year, and a half marathon shortly afterwards. I recently ran a 10k and scraped in under the hour (but only by a few seconds).

I'm looking for motivation, training tips, possibly a running buddy (Swansea area), and to learn from others' experiences. But where do I start?

Thanks in advance.



  • Cara HCara H ✭✭✭

    Hi there

    I also started in Feb, same aims - keep fit and lost weight (well, not lose, but stop piling on) and now up to 10k runs 2-3 times a week. I agree the forum is daunting, since many threads have now turned into conversations between groups of friends. However, I read, take in, and reply when I can think of anything useful to say. I still have more questions than answers though, but find the advice here pretty genuine and robust!


  • HI

    Yes, it can be a bit daunting... particularly when it feels like everyone is speaking a different language.

    But most of us a very friendly and love welcoming the newbies. The thread "Just started running, come say Hi" is for folk who just started running this year.

    I'm on "just a little bit further - 2011". Most of us have been running for a year or two, but you would be most welcome. 

    I'm a solo runner, in that I don't have a trainning buddy or belong to a club and the support I get on this forum is invaluable. 

    Anyway, hope you find your thread. Don't be afraid just to jump in. image

  • Thanks, both, that's helpful. Will keep an eye out for you in the forums.

    Taking a deep breath and ready to dive in...


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