Talkback: The Busy Runner's Guide to Getting Faster

RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

For 100m all out sprints wouldn't it be advisable to do something more than a jog in the warm-up?  Maybe another five minutes and then strides working your way up to near the expected pace to get everything warm?  Otherwise something might go twang!

800m repeats six times is 4.8k, at about 3k pace?  Although saying half-mile repeats and then prescribing 3 minutes is a little confusing.  I prefer the 3 minutes, but really, 35 mins of 3k intervals?  Wow.  This really is aimed at the advanced VO2max improver.

5k pace + 30s is about 10k pace according to the little prescription at the start.  So 10k pace for about 40 minutes?  For quite a few runners that's a bit further than 10k, and even for a decent 50 minute 10k runner that's one hell of a session!  So this one is aimed at a completely different group of runners to the half mile intervals?

I'm a little stumped on the intent of the exercises, and whether they are applicable to all grades of runner, or whether you should work slowly up to everything suggested, regardless of starting fitness. image


  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    I need to read everything you've said quite carefully.

    Point 1 - warms ups:
    I run 4x round the track then do dynamic stretches before any track work, yes this includes strides - 3x approx 100 mtres building up pace - no way can I run my first set of strides fast it just doesn't happen but that may just be me.
    So I agree something more than a jog warm-up.

    Point 2 - 800m reps:
    I don't know what my 3k pace or time is. I'm still very new to running. All I know is that the only time I've timed 800m this was 3mins and my 400m time was 80s. I'm fairly sure that the last 400m reps session I did was 400x8 with 2 min recovery. I know that I died toward the end of this session as it was the hardest I've done (recovery wise) with a new coach - much harder sessions than before.

    I have never done a timed mile either. Maybe I should, it wouldn't be hard.

    Point 3 - 5k pace +:
    I had read that 10k pace was 5k pace + 15 sec, hm pace 5k pace + 30 secs. This sounds about right for me - ish, if all things were equal. Obviously I'm not as fast as you 40 mins at 10k pace for me would not be 10k. (10k  - 42mins) For a session I think that would be to hard for me.
    30 secs slower than 5k pace is hm pace and 40mins @hm pace is doable.

    I'm interested as I'd like to get my 5k, 10k & hm pbs down. Also am pants at sprinting. The shorter the distance the 'slower' I am. ie 400m I can run faster than others that I run with and keep this up for longer, 300m is similar, 200m and I'm dropping back, 100m and just about everyone can out pace me.

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