London 10K sun 10th july 2011

Just wondered if anyone is running this on Sunday? as I am


  • The asics great british 10k ? Yep, I am. But you might get a lot of negative feedback from this forum, because of past experiences.

    If you haven't run it before, It's a bit chaotic at the start as there are no start time pens, so faster runners can get hampered by slower ones, but if you are just running to enjoy, and anything else timewise is a bonus, then it's a reasonable run.  (I have no problems with it !)

  • I'm running it for the first time. I have read some of the reviews on the forum but just fancy a run through central London while the roads are closed. I will probably get there early to try and avoid the first time slow runners / walkers (as much as possible anyway).
  • I've signed up for the british 10k - what time did you get there and did you manage to avoid the slower runners?

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