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Hi All,

I know I haven't posted for AGES but I used to be here a lot (til I got a new job where the RW UK site is barred!) Anyway I am starting to get into triathlons, to the extent that I want to replace my hybrid bike with a road or even tri bike. So is anyone out there thinking of selling an unwanted bike that might be suitable? Female-specific frame might be better, although I am willing to consider anything. I am on a budget but will consider any bikes as and when I find them. I am 5' 6'' so I gather that a 52 or 54 frame would suit me. If anyone can help, mail me please on

I'm also looking for a wetsuit if anyone has one they no longer want!

Thanks in advance, Nicola


  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Nicola, you could try checking cycling weekly magazine as they have quite a large section on second hand bikes.

    I would also question your frame size choice. Depending on your inside leg measurement a 50cm frame may be more suitable.
  • Thanks! Will do.
  • I did the same thing at the beginning of the year - now is a good time to be looking at the second hand tri market as the season is just finishing. You might be able to get a second hand ex-rental wetsuit from places like Sigma Sports, Tri and Run, etc who do rental. Most have websites.

    On the bike front I searched on triathlon sites, but in the end, I bought a 2001 model Trek road bike. They tend to take a few hundred pounds off the price when the new season's bikes come in. I have a road geometry bike as it is cheaper and I use it for commuting as well. A good place to start on the triathlon front is:
    They have a classifieds section also (where I got my wetsuit). It is well worth having your measurements taken for the bike so that you know you are getting the right thing. A good/specific bike shop should do this for about £30.

    Good luck - its well worth it!
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