Enduroman 1st - 10th June 2012

I can tell that so many of you are tempted image 

Lots of events to choose from:

100 mile Ultra
200 mile Ultra
Half IM

Lots of supporters and race crew also needed.

The List



  • I notice you haven't selected which one you'll be doing image
  • Barley.not sure that they are doing a olympic or 200 miler....well i didn't see them on the entry page.........

    it will be during half term week so no excuse for teachers or people with childrenimageimageimageimage

    I can only say that this was a brilliant event and experience this year

  • Ladies first, im waiting for Arctic Lady and Seren to lay down the gauntlet image

  • I'm doing the doubleimage
  • Where's the sprint? image
  • Seren, I have it on a reliable source that they are, its also apparently mentioned on that other site.
  • I might be able to do this one before working at the Olympics shuts down my life for three months.....
  • Unfortunately this seems to clash with a little cycle ride I have planned for next year,  although I suppose I could always knock a couple of days off the itinerary for that and just use it as a warm up for the Singleimage
  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭
    What you up to Jaffa?
  • Lejog??
  • I'll be there for something at some point, probably the super sprint image
  •  It's been on my mind for a long time, unfinished business, so this time I'm getting to the start line come hell or high water!!!

    The List
    Arctic-Lady- The Double (no turning back!!!!)

  • Do you mean how many super sprints you can do in 24 hours.....image

  • Just adding Seren!

    The List
    Arctic-Lady- Double (no turning back!!!!)
    Seren - Double

  • FF - err, perhaps not eh?!! image

    1 lap of the lake, 1 of the bike and 2 of the run is more to my liking
  • Happychap wrote (see)
    What you up to Jaffa?
    FF had it right,  lejog pencilled in for next year.  Fancy it?
  • kittenkat wrote (see)
    Hmmmmmmmmmm *sits on hands*
    do I have to come over there and whisper sweet nothings in your ear again?!!!image
  • KK.......the double took so much out of you and its taken 2 years for your running to start to come back to form........its not worth it for you surely............you have other races you can focus onimage

  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭
    Jaffa_ wrote (see)
    Happychap wrote (see)
    What you up to Jaffa?
    FF had it right,  lejog pencilled in for next year.  Fancy it?

    Oh goodness I would LOVE to but not sure the boss would give me the time off considering we've got nearly a month for IMNZ.  

  • I am hoping to do Cotswold 113 on 24th June so that rules me out of taking part

    More than happy to sherpa Seren again.  She was easy to look after, after dealing with Barley and his diva  demands for '3, maybe 4, weetabix with just the right amount of sugar, and just enough milk so it's not too crunchy and not too soft' image

  • I think when things are going well.its easy to start thinking that you can just keep on going.........I'm doing too much this year but will rest in Octoberimage
  • I'm coming straight down from the lake district after the Lakeland 50 at the end of the month.........

    Not sure if I will be awake on the first Monday to come swimming but will definitely come on the second monday..........

    It depends on how much sleep i can catch up withimage

  • I have just entered the double image

    Be afraid image
  • Waiting to get next years Outlaw date confirmed and have it decided about who is racing between me and the misses, but fancy a crack at the double as well

  • I cant believe that I have just posted that, better make sure Mrs SA doesn't read this

  • great Barley...........Was the chance to cycle with Arctic Lady and myself that spurred you onimageimage

    SA.would be great if you can join us.image

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