Enduroman 1st - 10th June 2012



  • Waffe. Near the end of the week phrases like still breathing might be appropriate
  • All out of the swim and on the bike this morning

    Mon 1:18:42 for swim

    Go Monique

  • Cant even comprehend what these are doing to there bodies and minds,they surely cant be human.Good luck

  • Sounds very encouraging, fingers crossed the weather plays fair over the weekend. Mark who finished last year knocked nearly two hours of his day one time as did Ted from Tripetalk, even if you take 30 mins off for two less laps it's still a whole different approach from people. Looking like a bit more attacking on the bike too which with the friendlier run course will give the chance for more sleep which has to help as the days go by.

    Go Mon! and the other 10 image

  • This is true! image

  • saying last year started the deca in beautiful sunshine it ended in the worst weather in enduroman history........that was such a cruel end to the deca people.....the gales and torrential gales must have beeen the worst known in June.......i really can't believe how i kept on the bike with my reduced strength on the left hand side.......those gales were unbelieveable.it can't get that bad again.........


    Symes the meals being brought out of the house to the turning circle must help this year......and i think they are all better prepared.....I think the toughness of the course last year wasn't expected at all......

  • Seren - god point, that's going to save time too, was a good 20 minutes for lunch once you'd walked down to the tent and back.


    Was a little wet n windy on the Sunday

  • this year should be easy then image

  • today I have cleaned my bike.

    I now also have nice bright yellow tape on my barsimage

    I am liking the fact that the run course may be easier.

    I'm looking forward to going down to AT on Monday.

    I am in awe of Monique.........

  • clean bike.what is this strange thing you talk about.......image

    i have walked today and my knee isn't to bad so hopeful for sunday.i will try and walk a few more times this week.............only ran once since easter so should be well restedimage

  • Mon not showing laps 9 and 10 on the bike ?

  • Seren - Its a rare occurance !

    I hope Monique is OK



  • i can't get the update after 1:00pm


  • Maybe it's Internet connectivity problems like last year?

  • last update was 4:15, so it could be just slow updates

  • one of them was one of the successful finishers last year......a few of them did not finish and a few of them are quin finishers from last year moving up.one did the double last year.......only a few are new to  AT

  • monique is showing off the bike now image

  • Mon, Ted, Keith and Mark are the re-try people, Mark being the finisher last year, TC we all know about! Dave who posts on here completed the quin last year and Guy won the Lanza double, Chris won the triple at AT last year, Michelle did A2A last year and that what I can remember about who is in it.

    Good work again from Mon - yay!

  • Popped down to watch this afternoon, mon was off the bike fine at about 5:30pm and started strong on the run! American lady was about 4 laps ahead on the run! She esteemed in good spirits and didn't blank me this year!
  • Wouldn't like to say! I know how tough mon is but the American has some good pedigree too
  • at the arhc to arc.....michele hit me as a finisher  more than a racer.she didn't seem to phased by the delay for the swim.......I may be wrong........I think for the first 8 days if the girls get caught up in racing rather than their plans then it might get them into trouble......if they go too fast they might break...thats what happened to the fast ones last year.......

    so i hope both girls can keep the main focus and if they are still fit in the last few days then let the games begin.........

    this time next week i should be on my 10th lap........enjoying the night air image

  • Beyondgoinglong had an update earlier with mon looking just a few mins behind after 1/ 10 th being done

    Weather looks like its gonna get a bit crap over the next fewdays....

    Go go (SLOWLY) Mon
  • Hope this weather we have in London is not down that way.

  • My respect for these loonies only grows when I think about the added challenge of racing against the cold, wet and howling wind. Tough!

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