Enduroman 1st - 10th June 2012



  • SUch a pity, if it had been a couple of weeks earlier they'd have been worried about too much sun. Got to be preferable to the wet sogginess. I did a 6 hour bike yesterday after doing a Double Olympic race on Saturday. I felt like death and literally almost collapsed in the door of my house. I have no idea how they can continue day after day!

  • Yup - Michelle is hard core but Mon is the best. (No bias here...)

    C'mon guys - a sterling effort all round. Incredible to do whether you are rich or poor, skilled or not. Just to get to the start line is one hell of an achievement and no-one should take that away from them.

  • i love the way that mon will really help and look out for others as well..she is focused but still would stop to help of you needed it........it shows a really human side to her .....

    Michele on the other hand an example if you have the talent and determination you can do so much......if you really want it you will train and then get your self sponsored to do these things around the world........and she also mentors kids as well

    it is belting it down here in devon........struggling to sleep with all the stress this week....maybe just not used to sleeping on my own.......

    going to head off a day earlier to AT as without OH there will be too much for me to do on friday and i would get to the start line shattered so hopefully will have friday there to chill out

  • Good move, Seren.


  • Take it easy Seren.  xx

  • Sending positive vibes to all at AT, especially Mon & Symes image

    See you all on Friday, ill be arriving late (maybe 9ish) so will go to the course to support.

    Seren, Purple, guess ill not see you till the swim start but if you need anything last minute, need me to go to the shops for anything just let me know.  Seren, as discussed ill be good for your take-away orders image

  • Seren - I will be there sometime between 7 and 8 on Friday hopefully.  If you want to 'get away' from AT and go for a drink or a meal, then I am happy to oblige. 


  • In fact, that offer goes out to anyone, not just Seren image

  • thanks all.........just like all things you make plans and life just changes them .......good news is my mother is feeling a little better.....and i know she will be well looked after at my sisters.......

    schmunkee.......will be good to see you on friday.....just hoping we have some dry weather on thursday to set up the tent....

    at least the slightly changed run route will not get as muddy this year with the rain........

    go mon.....and good luck for tomorrow symes

  • Good news about your mum Seren at least that is one less thing to worry about. x


    Go Mon!!  Good luck for everyone else when ever it is you are starting image

  • forgot good luck for waffe as well supporting........its going to tough for all those supporting down there at AT..........and good luck for Plum tomorrow on his supporting duties.......someone make sure he doesn't get too close to the lake....

  • All the very best seren. 

    As I've said before, I've watched (read) your training, and although I have no idea about how to go about and double, treble or whatever beyond 1, I have been nothing but impressed with your single mindedness (perhaps the most important attribute) and your training through all weathers.

    Good luck Barly, Purple and Chilli, the above also applies.

    Don't know Mon either,  I'm thinking she is one tough cookie, but just as unhinged as the rest of you weirdos image.


  • Hope they're having better weather than we are here in Wales!
  • Apparantly its pissssistant down there at the moment.

  • Steve has just Tweeted, reminding everyone to take wet weather kit as suggested in the info pack.

    Anyone going down early might like to find out if Mon needs anything

  • 30 minutes OW swim for me, trying to re-adjust to cold water again.

    Good luck Symes - be thinking of you

    Seren - We'll be there Friday lunchtime


  • I had my first DIM nightmare last night.

    I woke up late and realised I slept through the double. I looked at facebook on my phone and saw a posting from Seren saying she had finished  much quicker than expected . I was really jealous and I lay in bed wondering what I would tell people as to why I hadn't done it.

    I always have nightmares like that before an event - weird the way the brain works isn't it??

  • Yes Purple it is.  I dreamt the other night that I was doing the deca but had got a bit stuck so changed to the double but was finding I was crap at that as I just wanted to sleep so was trying to do the single instead and couldn't work out how that finished?

    Now I know I have no intention of doing another single after Outlaw never mind the double or deca which are both well beyond my capabilities so I have no idea where that came from!  No wonder I struggled! lol

  • I felt so sorry for them out there today in 'last years weather' ... we did a fraction of their time/distance and it was utterly miserable

    Good luck to the new starters this week, sorry I wont get down there this year but you are all in damn good hands

    Seren, your pillow is on its way  image

  • Posting from someone on tri talk 

    "<span style="background-color: #dee3e7; color: #000000; font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; line-height: 17px;">The weather is vile, horrible memories from the Sunday last year. Seems like everyone is in as good shape as can be expected though"

    <span style="background-color: #dee3e7; color: #000000; font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; line-height: 17px;">

  • the rain is around but i think they wind is much lighter this year so no flying trees around the bike course.........

    Meldy........is it really on its way.i think thats part of the reason i'm not sleeping well.i think I'm missing my pillowe more than my hubby imageimage

    Purple .i ,love the fact that you dreamt that you slept for over 2 daysimage.....i have just had apiece of chocolate cake delived to my caravan.......so i will sit with a dvd and a glass of wine and eat itimage



  • Pillow is in my car, seren!  Don't you worry. It will be there waiting for you tomorrow...

  • Good luck to all the Quins starting tomorrow image

  • Monique was very slow on the bike, looks like it will be a late finish for her again

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