Enduroman 1st - 10th June 2012



  • Monique DNF image, She still got a lot further than I would have done, maybe she will have a day off and return?

    Good luck to the quins and the 8 still in the Decca.

  • Just seen that too DD.

    Hope your ok Mon.

  • Just seen it too.

    Hope she's ok.
  • oh.what crap news to wake up to.........after seeing her last year .i can only think it had to be a crash on the bike or an injury...........her bike was slow and then she tried running and the first 7 laps were very slow and she had been running well this week.......and then it looked like she had to pull out.......

    i am gutted her for herimage

  • No crash, no injury and no problems ... Dave said that she just stopped

    I should imagine there was little else she had to prove?

  • I'm gutted for her too, been glued to the results page but yesterday was slow and to finish that run would have left very little recovery time. after following this last year, whilst really rooting for all the competitors, it does make me feel uncomfortable when things start to get beyond that 20hr mark and then the worry of their health.

    I don't think I explain myself very well image

    Recover well Mon, you're an inspiration.
  • thanks Meldy....so it was her decsion.......I'm happier knowing that.......i know how gutted one of the others was last year when they felt it wasn't their decsion......

    hope she is fine this morning.

    and another day dawns........come on quinners......your turn to stir up the mix in the water.....or out of it as they should all be getting out by about now


  • madlot.i know exactly what you mean.

  • I knew you had a soft side really M, makes perfect sense to me.

  • When do you travel down Seren?

  • i'm travelling across tomorrow morning.......as there are only the two of us i wish i had booked rooms in the house now instead of the tent......but it was too expensive for 4 of us....never mind........it seems to have dried up.......

    but we won't be spending much time in the tentimage

  • Just caught up on the news about Mon. Gutted for her, but glad it was her own decision - she's an accomplished enough athlete to know what she's doing. Hope she recovers well.

    Seren - you're going to be fabulous - I'm sorry I can't get down there to cheer / sherpa you all on, but I'm thinking of you all. Glad to hear it has dried up a bit.

  • Sorry to see Mon has retired from the deca. She was reported to have blisters on Monday (I think) so that may have been a factor.  Recover well Mon x

    Good luck to those starting the Quin today

  • Sad to hear the news, Mon

    Good luck to the Quins
  • Likewise.  To even contemplate entering is awe inspiring, to to turn up, and complete day after day, is something I can't imagine.


  • I feel for her, whatever the reason I imagine she is gutted.
  • Mrs S here, it s dry so far today, yay!!

    Symes out on the bike after a fab swim.

    Gutted for Mon but yesterday was dreadful and it is tough mentally to get through that, she is a star nontheless.

  • Go Symes


    Gutted for Mon


  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭

    fab swim and Symes aren't often heard in the same sentence image

    go Symes!!

    Commisserations to Mon but as everyone has said, at least it was her decision to stop and she knows what she's doing so I'm sure it was the right decision

  • Fab swim??  now I know for definite someone is using his log in !!

  • that is symes's PB swim course.........and if anyone hasn't heard the story of his pb then i recommend you don't ask him image

  • Good luck all.

  • Go Symes


    Really sorry for Mon but relieved that it was her decision.  Makes it easier to come to terms with after the initial heartache.

    The forecast isn't that great unfortunately image

  • Really dissapointed to hear the news this morning image   Well done for getting so far Mon.

    Now its down to Symes, no pressure mateimage 

    Looking forward to getting down there to cheer you on.

  • Symes you sly old devil!!!

    Go get em mate!
  • And wellies
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