Enduroman 1st - 10th June 2012



  • and now for my one and only plug..........for anyone reading...............most of you will know by now that the double is a big challenge and its one i'm not sure that i am capable of.......but i'm going for it and so i am also raising money for Action for Children..........this charirty helps thousands of children every year across the country face their day to day challenges...This charity has changed my families lives in ways i could not even of dreamed of .i can never thank them enough


    linky thing seems broken ...sorry and thanks

  • All the very best Seren and good luck to Symes for day two.

    I was just reading the twitter feed. "Sever gales forcecast next two". I hope you have very strong pegs for your tent. image

  • If they're anything like her legs..image
  • Symes out on the bike. Pissing down here so going to be a very long day. He is in very good spirits and finished yesterday in 16.01 hours.

  • Well done Symes. Hope the crews are all in good spirits.

  • Thank you Mrs SYmes .... I seriously hope you get some decent weather at some stage down there

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Bloody weather!!!!!

    Go Symes and good luck for you Seren (not sure if you need that more for the tent than the competing!)

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭

    I don't even fancy running in this rain, never mind swim and bike and camp and support image

    Anyway, go Symes!!

  • Did I say good spirits?! Now in a foul mood, not surprising really with the torrential rain! Lets see how long it takes before tourettes starts!

    Weather is bloody awful, so glad we are staying in a log cabin.


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    does sound grim - good luck today Symes and for the next few days as the weather doesn't look set to improve much

  • Did the beeping stop last night, Mrs Symes?

    Shout out to both of you - It's as much an endurance event supporting as it is competing!

  • Luckily the alarm did stop going off!!

    I know what you mean Holly but there are times where you darent utter the words that you are tired. Luckily havent got to crying at totally irrational things stage yet!!

    He is back smiling again and out on lap 4 of the bike.

    Purple Trilady - I have got Waffys pirate monaco for you.

  • Sending warmth, affection and surreptitious cat naps your way, Mrs S.

    And of course to Seren et al.

    Big luvs from afar.

  • Go Symes, Go Mrs Symes image

  • Sending dry thoughts down to AT

    Keep the sense of humour guys  image

  • Thinking of our soggy athletes and the support crew! Keep at it guys! image

  • Symes has done 7 out of 10 bike laps. Course has been re-routed now cos of a tree that has fallen. Conditions are terrible with torrential rain.

    Poor Seren had to put her tent up in this. She now reckons she needs alcohol image

  • Bless them all - I do hope it clears up for everyone's sake.

  • Likewise, doing the distances in ideal weather would be hard enough, but in this weather, I dread to think.

  • It's horrible and i want to go home....seems to be drying up but my tent is half flooded.....luckily not the sleeping half...sleeping bag got soaked getting in from car....should have brought a fire not s fridge....so pleased. Hubby and youngest son aren't here because they would have been miserable.

    So glad I'm not racing....
  • Sounds awful image
  • Bloody hell..  it was dreadful weather last year...  and now its happening all over again...   image    such a shame...   

    Total respect for those out there having a go... 


  • Symes out on the run now and looking very smiley! we have had sun!! For about 10mins!

  • Mrs Symes/Waffy - thanks for the extra monaco, I think I may need it !!

    Seren - I hope the weather dries up for you

    I'm struggling to think straight about anything at the moment, I think panic is setting in


  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Seren - can you be rehoused in the main building or a lodge or something?

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