Enduroman 1st - 10th June 2012



  • 6 still in the deca

    1 dnf last night in the quinn, there is 1 relay team in the quinn but the are not showing today ???


    8 still in the quin


    Crashie, hows the foot doing?

  • I'm not sure it's the course that is the cause of the DNFs. This horrific weather is a probable cause. How does the percentage of DNFs in this stack up against other courses?

    The small lake to swim in does make it easier for the organisers to keep check on competitors. And I guess it's not just the venue's ability to cope with the event, but also to have it there for the week, provide lodging and catering for the week. Also, local council have to be involved. Not knowing how many venues were scoped before AT was chosen, but there must be other reasons why it is the chosen one?

    Hope everyone's going well...
  • The entries are lower than for other decas- I guess the difficulties of completing stack up on this course as opposed to standard short loop pool based decas. Plus one a day is tougher with cut offs and 6 am swim starts, You could on a standard deca sleep for 12 hours if you needed it and contniue, not possible with one a day. Also the whole point of the Enduroman vibe is to be tougher.

  • Morning everyone. I slept well but am wide awake now. The weather here yesterday was horrendous. All credit to those competing, most in seemed in great spirits.

    Enduroman crew are very impressive and there is a lovely laid back and supportive vibe here. Most of the double athletes looked ??ber athletes. Lots of talk of fast IM times, I just smiled image

    Forecast is better today , fingers crossed.

    Thanks for all the messages of support on here and FB, it really helps.

    Right.. coffee now
  • It in fact a glorious morning here, blue sky and sun image
  • Good luck doublers and Keep at it Symes!

  • Good luck people, sending you all positive vibes to all

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭

    Go go go Seren and PTL!

    I'll be thinking of you!  Sorry I can't be there to support

    Go Symes too!

  • Yeh. That. image
  • Day 4 - swim done and now out on bike.

    Tough day yesterday. Symes hit a wall at about 5pm and said his knee and back hurt so  much he couldnt run. We had words and I think that gave him a kick up the arse and lo and behold he started running. Dug very deep and was amazing on the run clocking 15 min laps. Finished at 12.30am looking very pleased with himself.

    Very happy and chirpy this morning. in good spirits. 10 down, 5 more to go...

  • Brilliant stuff from Symes. I'm struggling to kick myself out the door for my long cycle. I'll just think of this lads and lassies doing the multiple IMs and HTFU. Good luck to all today!
  • 'we had words...'

    Like, we're not coming back to try again?image

    Good luck, Symes and Mrs Symes. As hard a job for you supporting. And good luck to seren and purple too.
  • Awesome performance in dreadful conditions.

  • Good luck to all the doublers, should be heading towards the bike soon. Go Seren!

  • Is the bike course back to it's usual route today ?

  • Yep, it is thankfully cos its getting very busy out there! Symes on lap 6 of the bike.

  • Bet it is now, with the Doubles out on the course.

    Thanks for the update Mrs Symes image

  • Go Seren and Purple!

    And Symes of course!!

    Mrs Symes....odd calling you that when that's my real name...I love the "we had words" bit. What you're doing is every bit as epic as the swim,bike, run bit....crewing is hard work as you've been up for just as long as they have yet you still have to do the looking after. I hope you both have a good day today.
  • Really pleased that Symes is going well, and what Cas said Mrs Symes, you are doing an awesome job image

    Hope seren and purple are going well.
  • Mrs Symes, I can just imagine the words used!!

    Look after the girls for us please, that Seren and Purple are delicate flowers you know

    Top supporting team image
  • Go Pirates image

  • Just caught up with this.  So glad the weather has improved today. .  

    Go Symes, Purple, Seren. image You are all awesome. 

  • The sun is actually shining up here .. lets hope its the same in AT

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭

    are they finished yet? image

  • Everyone's times seem to look fine on Enduromanlive.

     The doubles do 48 laps of the run course.


  • That probably happened at about lap 5 Ninjaimage. Go pirates, you're doing us all proud image
  • Pea - what? image

    No, you're not going mad. My hamster comment was looking at the wrong sheet.



  • So are Michelle and Konrad back doing the deca? Wasn't sure why they're showing up on todays time but didn't yesterday?
  • Oh just noticed you changed that, hahaha!
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