Ultra marathon


Having done six marathons in the last 14months I am now entered in my first 50 km race, can anybody give me tips what is good to take with you, or any little tricks you  have (legal) to get you round .  age 66



  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    check out the threads over in the Ultra section and ask the question there - you'll get the benefit of a lot of experienced people who post there.
  • If you have done six marathons then a 50k is not really such a big step up. Think back to the number of times you had to walk to and from start/finish point - it probably added a couple of miles to your overall distance making your total for the day nearer 30 miles, so in all the extra mile is not such a big deal.  Just increase your long run by a couple of miles and you'll be fine.  Good luckimageimage!
  • thanks for tips  I have thought a bit along those lines ,but with it being longer it brings slight worries just like when I did my first marathon
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