imported garmin

i would like to know if anybody has brought a garmin from usa and had it posted to uk , if they have do you have to pay any import tax and if so how much.

also is the garmin purchased from usa the same as if i had brought it in the uk.

thanks kev.


  • Depends how lucky you are.
  • Couple of years ago purchased a refurbished Garmin from a US website.

    Paid about £15 duty if I remember correctly and some additional royalmail postage.

    It seems the same as a UK one, everything works and I've had no problems with it.
  • I bought mine in the UK because I wanted to be able to get warranty service here, rather than have to send it off to the States to be fixed.

    That said, it didn't break.

  • I think you have to pay import tax on anything over £135 (not sure what the rate is. It's different for different products. Vat is applied to good and postage over £18. And then RM take £8 for handling the taxes for you.

    If it's still worth it then go ahead!
  • Its way lower that £135, its something like £14 then import duties etc start applying.  Also Parcel Farce in particular have a habit of whacking on a £25 handling fee as they have to pay the charges on your behalf.

    Best thing to do is ask the seller if they're prepared to mark the customs slip sample - no commercial value.  This tends to do the trick...


    Danny B

  • mad mad

    Alternatively try they have 25% discounts on various Garmin watches, even when you add shipping (from Spain) the price is still very competitive compared to UK supplier prices.

  • Don't buy from the USA,

     I've just purchased a Forerunner 610, with a £75 customs charge. which made it about £25 more than buying it in the UK. Lesson learnt.....

  • I can't see that the US is any cheaper than buying from handtec - their price for the Garmin Forerunner 610 with HRM is £202.90 + VAT available for next day delivery.

    Let me know if you find a discount code for handtec too!


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