I am about to do my first 50k run and I am looking for any tips  I have done 6 marathons in the last 14 months so any tips would help ie do really need a back pack etc  I am 66 


  • What run is it William? Road or trail? Is there a minimum kit list?
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    Its the new Stevenage 50k next Sunday July 17th, which appears to have mix of road and track

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    It says suitable clothing & shoes,   map & compass optional

  • William I've just had a look at the website and there doesn't seem to be a huge amount of detail on there, all I can find is that it says it's a trail race. It looks to be a fairly flat course but not knowing the area I can't say what the trail will be like.

     Generally speaking for a 50 K all you'd need to do, as FB suggested in the other thread, is increase the length of the weekly long run a couple of miles. If the race rules don't stipulate you need to bring compulsory kit then I'd make a judgement on the weather and the route itself as to what you wear on the day.

  • If it's the FV Spartans 50k next week I'm also entered. Only thing is I haven't been able to do any running for the last 5 weeks because of a hip injury so I'm still contemplating whether to do it. Will try some walking/running this week to test out the hip.

    IF I do decide to go for it, providing there are no massive downpours this week I'd wear road shoes on the trail. Like Lirish says depending on the weather/temperature forecast I'd either take my water bottle carrying belt or a small backpack with hydration bladder.

    I'd most likely be going for a run/walk strategy even if it takes me 7 hours to finish. My last race was 50 miles in late May so I hope I'll have some remaining fitness.

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     I have been advised to do a walk / run with it being a  a new run I am not sure just what the surface will be, anyway if you pass a old bloke it   will most likly be me. last summer I was unable to run for 2 months with  knee trouble but still managed Tenby marathon with a couple of weeks training so with luck you should be OK. 

  • Hi William   

    I don't know about you but apart from the route map I know nothing about the course but it appears to follow public rights of way so I wouldn't expect the surface to be especially difficult providing it's not too wet. I just hope there will be decent signposting.

    If you look at their facebook page there is some more information about the race.  

    Best of luck to you.

  • William

    If the aid stations are 10km apart or more then I would definitely advise you to carry a hydration bladder.  The event is in July, and if it turns out to be a hot day you will be in a world of hurt if you don't have enough water. 

    No ultra route is ever as well marked as the organisers claim, so take "map and compass optional", to mean "map and compass necessary". 

    Having done six marathons you should be able to handle this event pretty decisively.  The only way in which my 50k programme differs from my marathon programme is in that I will do a 15 mile run the day after my long run while my legs are still tired. 

    You could probably run the whole course if it isn't too hilly to be honest, but you have to read your body take note of the terrain and make your choice accordingly. 

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    I think thats good advice about the water bladder, but the ones I've seen have 3ltr bladders, does that not get a bit heavy ,or do you only part fill and top up going round? 

  • I used to take a water bottle (500ml?) and top up at the aid stations - that way I always had a drink when needed - worked out v. well at the Compton 40 this year which was hot & dry & had aid stations only every 5 miles.
    It was one of those hand-carried Ronhill jobbies that is held on to your hand with a bit of elastic.
  • Fido2Dogs - I do the same. Have a handheld bottle that I can fill up at every aid station... I also carry a couple Isostar tabs that can be thrown in if you want something other than just water.
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    This what I've been doing for my marathons, but at the edinburgh  last year it was stinking hot and getting water was a problem,anyway I can always ask for some water if ness have any tips on super foods  I hear ultras are a bit more relaxed about times with runners stopping at water stations

  • William 

    I think that 3 litres is probably too heavy.  I have a 2 litre bladder and a 1.5 litre bladder.  I use the 2 litre if the checkpoints are 10 miles apart and the 1.5 litre if they are 10k apart. 

    If I could find a rig that carried two 500ml bottles, then I would consider using that instead of a Camelback. 

  • Hi everybody

    Did race and as stated  no markers poor map, writen directions  not to bad  but made big mistake of following another runner finished up adding 3.5 miles to run but was I was still running well at finishimage  anyway thanks everybody for the tips.

  • Hi,

     I'm new to ultras and signed up for the London to Brighton in September. I'd like to maximise shorter runs in my training for the L2B, so I'm using ankle bracelets. Does anyone else use these? Any idea of how they affect training, and how much 'mileage' they add? Any words of caution?



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