Training for a 10 year old

Hi dudes i,m a ten year old girl who has been running for the last 6 months and i,m doing pretty well at it,how often do you think i should train a week,what is a good 600 metre time for my age .Thanks Jessie


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    The best thing you can do is join a club which has a good juniors section.  An experienced coach will be able to give you individual guidance about how to train and progress.

  • I started training when i was 11. I joined a local running club that trained juniors. I enjoyed it but was never much good! but can reccomend it as a good way to pick up training tips.

    I used to run Tuesday and Thurday evenings and then a longer cross country run on a Sunday (3-6 miles). I think people started to do the Sunday runs once they were 11 but can't remember 100%

    I also can't remember what a good time for 600m was as I never started with that distance. My first 800m (age 12) I ran 3:07 but the good runners were doing more like 2:30 or even faster.

  • join a club dudette- the world is your oyster!image
  • As others have suggested, join a club. My 9 yr old and 10 yr old both go to a local athletics club once or twice a week, as well as running they have the option to do long jump, high jump, javelin etc., it's really good fun.
  • Hey sorry i haven't been on here for long long long time. But i would like to thank everyone for the responses. image

    I do go to a running club now and i have been at my running club for 14 months.I really enjoy running image


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