Lancaster 10K

Has anyone done this race before? Is it a good race in terms of getting a good time?

I am thinking about doing it but not sure if it is worth the 130 mile round trip from Manchester after work.


  • I'm in for this now. Apparantly it is nice and flat, hoping for a PB.
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    I have done the 3 bridges 10k
  • Is there a map of the course anywhere? I used to live in Lancaster and remember it being quite hilly!
  • It's different to the three bridges route. 

                 If its the same one I've done and I'm pretty sure it is you start at the same spot 'salt ayre running track then 3/4 of  the adjacent cycle circuit and then out briefly onto the main road and down to the rail bridge [Carlisle bridge] and come back to the cycle track and follow the river Lune up to 'Snatchems - Golden Ball pub area'.

     You take a right at the end of the path and run towards the new bye pass road and actually run along the bye pass towards Heysham, then at the first round a bout  take a left sign post Overton / Middleton and then soon after left again along the 'liable to flood at high tide road' past the Golden ball pub this time [stop for a quick pint] and down the cycle path again on to the cycle circuit briefly and one lap of the running track to finish. !

    Lovely and flat and a nice area to run.

  • Got a PB tonight - it was a fantastic 9.9k race!!

    No excuse for it being short. It started and finished on a running track, why not just move the start/finish a bit further back?

  • Out of interest, how do you know it was short?
  • I was wondering if you used a Jones counter or a tape measure.
  • From my garmin reading which was virtually the same as what a lot of other people got. I know these aren't totally reliable bute veryone I heard speaking and spoke to myself said it was short, I doubt all those people were wrong.

    Great race other than that. I'm holding off reviewing it because I really want to give it a very high score, but don't think I can while i'm still annoyed that it was 'short.'

  • Just checked the results and I've got a score of 41:11, which is quicker than I thought.

    My garmin gives an average time of 6:51 (although I didn't stop it straight away when I stopped, which may also account for the quicker time.)

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