2nd hand bike sought - for triathlons

Hi All,

I haven't posted for a while but used to a lot on the old forums. I am starting to get into triathlons, to the extent that I want to replace my hybrid bike with a road or even tri bike. So is anyone out there thinking of selling an unwanted bike that might be suitable? Female-specific frame might be better, although I am willing to consider anything. I am on a budget but will consider any bikes as and when I find them. I am 5' 6'' so I gather that a 52 or 54 frame would suit me. If anyone can help, mail me please on [email protected]

I'm also looking for a wetsuit if anyone has one they no longer want!

Thanks in advance, Nicola


  • You might want to repost Nicola - I thought you were looking for a 2nd hand pair of trainers for some weird reason ! Check the title again !

    The Giant Bikes are nice - I have a lovely TCR, but I'm not parting with it sorry.

    Have a look in Cycling Weekly mag - lots of ads there.

    Good luck !
  • The last issue of RF had some decent offers in it... Might be worth looking as there were some good ones in one of the ads for about £450
  • Nicola,
    If you can wait until early next year you could try buying new from your local bike shop - this is when they get rid of this years models to make way for the new improved 2003 machines. Plenty of bargains if you shop around.
    PS, I don't mean Halfords! Buy Cycling Weekly for some ideas of shops in your area.
  • Thanks all (but my message title definitely says bike not trainers, Cougie! 2nd hand trainers...mmmm!) I have found a 2nd hand Giant TCR - small frame, for £375. The guy who owned it is a triathlete and it is 5 years old but he's only ever raced on it, not trained...does this sound like a good deal?

    Cheers, Nicola
  • Erm, Nicola it did say Nike, but using my magic powers I changed it to bike. so Cougie isn't going mad!
  • Phew !! I wondered how that got corrected - cheers Rob !

    TCR sounds interesting - do you know what groupset it has on it (that's the transmission, gears and brakes) and what wheels ?

    Generally when buying a bike the frame is most important, followed by wheels and then the groupset. You can always upgrade the small things, so long as they work. Upgrading the frame is more expensive.
  • Hi Nicola,
    If it's still for sale buy it ! The TCR1 TCR2 and TCR3 are all great bikes which many triathletes and time trialists use. The current prce fpr a TCR3 is £975 and a TCR1 is £1495, Giant also do a Carbon fibre composite one for over £3000.
    Richard Allen who won 1/2 Iron Man in Wales last year used one.
    Check out www.triuk.com
  • Thanks Triathlon Boy for the Giant feedback (and ta rob for correcting my typos - whoops - sorry Cougie - 2nd hand Nikes: yum)

    Still quite overwhelmed by the 2nd hand bikes out there, plus end-of-range cheaper bikes, my lack of even basic bike knowledge doesn't help...

    I'll get there somehow!

    Ta all, Nic
  • i am also in the market for a 2nd hand tri/road bike. need to be about 54 cm-56 cm wanting to do a tri, but need a decent bike.

  • At the lower end of the Giant range - have a look at the OCR's good, affordable, compact and good for TRIs - I bought my OCR2 at the start of this season as I could not justify the cost of replacing my Alan with a similar machine and the OCR makes an excellent training bike and a good race bike with good upgrade potential

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